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Just ordered my second pair   Last: Standard Toe Vamp Leather: #8 Burgundy Chrome Excel by Horween Upper (Shaft) Leather: #8 Burgundy Chrome Excel by Horween Leather Liner: No Thanks Pull Loops: No Thanks Toe Cap: Leather Toe Cap (only available on plain toe style) Toe Bug Stitching: No Thank You Toe Bug Stitching Color: Does not apply Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe Hardware: Antique Eyes & Hooks Midsole: Single Edge: Brown Heel Base: 90 Degree...
I am a big fan of squats/deadlifts and I've discovered that nothing fits me anymore unless I go custom. I've had 2 pairs made by Viapiana so far and I love them. N&F have a new fit called Easy Guy that might fit you but they are still quite a bit too small in the thighs for me.
  What leather laces do you guys recommend? Also, should I put on some edge dressing or anything (I got the natural edges)?
I ended up going to Baker's a few days ago to get fitted. Still not very confident about the size I ordered though. They didn't have any semi-dress boots in store so Brandon had me try on smokejumpers instead. According to the chart he said I was between a C and a D width and my left foot was a 8.5 and my right foot was just under a 9. The 8.5D ended up fitting almost perfectly on my left foot. On my right foot, the 9D was definitely too long and the 9C was way too narrow...
I was told that the width also comes into play.
  Thanks for the help. It sounds like I'd probably be fine with ordering the same size as my iron rangers; however, I discovered that Baker's is only an hour away from where I live so I'll probably try to make it out there and get fitted in person. 
I've been slowly reading through this thread and I'm gonna order my first pair of white's from bakers soon. I need some sizing advice for a pair of semi-dress boots. I wear the following sizes in other shoes:   Allen Edmonds 65 last - 8E Redwings Iron Rangers - 8D Bean boots - 7 Sperry's - 8.5D   I emailed bakers yesterday too but I've been reading about them recommending sizes that are too big so I figured I better ask in here too. thanks in advance.   P.S. Also...
I will gladly provide pics of the bottles to anyone who is interested. And Bond No. 9, much like Creed, only has a negative reputation among basenotes fragrance nazis because it's "too mainstream." Although I doubt more than 1 out of 50 people you talk to will have heard of either of those houses
I'm not sure if this place is big on fragrances...I usually only go here to every now and then to check out the various raw denim threads but I figure I'd post my splits on here too. My first name is Nicholas and my last name starts with a V. Many people will recognize me. If this is against the rules I will gladly remove it.
I normally only split on the FB groups and on another fragrance site, but I like to fill up my splits as quickly as possible so I can get the bottle ordered and everything shipped out. The prices on here will be the same as the prices I give everyone. These are splits, not sales, so the prices are non-negotiable. I USUALLY (not always) will wait until 75-80% of a bottle is reserved and paid for before I order it. Here's what I have left at the moment:   Bond No. 9...
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