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Fwiw my IRs are size 8 and my semi-dress are 8.5
Are those color 8 semi-dress in the background? 
Anyone know what the current turnaround time is?
Giant Magellan Telescope?
PNWerner checking in. I wouldn't recommend leather soles considering the weather
Just ordered my second pair   Last: Standard Toe Vamp Leather: #8 Burgundy Chrome Excel by Horween Upper (Shaft) Leather: #8 Burgundy Chrome Excel by Horween Leather Liner: No Thanks Pull Loops: No Thanks Toe Cap: Leather Toe Cap (only available on plain toe style) Toe Bug Stitching: No Thank You Toe Bug Stitching Color: Does not apply Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe Hardware: Antique Eyes & Hooks Midsole: Single Edge: Brown Heel Base: 90 Degree...
I am a big fan of squats/deadlifts and I've discovered that nothing fits me anymore unless I go custom. I've had 2 pairs made by Viapiana so far and I love them. N&F have a new fit called Easy Guy that might fit you but they are still quite a bit too small in the thighs for me.
  What leather laces do you guys recommend? Also, should I put on some edge dressing or anything (I got the natural edges)?
I ended up going to Baker's a few days ago to get fitted. Still not very confident about the size I ordered though. They didn't have any semi-dress boots in store so Brandon had me try on smokejumpers instead. According to the chart he said I was between a C and a D width and my left foot was a 8.5 and my right foot was just under a 9. The 8.5D ended up fitting almost perfectly on my left foot. On my right foot, the 9D was definitely too long and the 9C was way too narrow...
I was told that the width also comes into play.
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