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I picked these up off of EBay. The seller stated that they were Barrie lasted, however they seem to be a different last. They are a Brooks Brothers model. Can someone help me identify these. I appreciate it.
Hey are these the reverse tobacco chamois or the regular (flesh-out?) Chamois? I love the rough look.
They are some great boots with a lovely profile. I needed some snuff suede in my life. I would highly recommend my friend.
PCT Boots in Snuff Suede from TSM. I've been on a big suede kick recently.
 @breck81 Che emailed me back informing me they could add me!! I was able to get on the Naval Boot run because of your tip. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so damn pumped for these beautiful boots. Now trying to figure out a way to procure some whiskey/ravello/cigar shell boots within a reasonable amount of time.
Here are my boots of the day... Winn Perry Little Tanks. Reverse Tobacco Chamois Plain Toe Boot on Crepe Sole. Love this roughout leather.
 I just emailed Leffot and am awaiting their reply. Thanks a lot for the tip. I have wanted these boots since i saw them last year. Lets hope they can do something for me.
So mad that i wasn't able to get in on the Leffot Naval Boot in size 11.5D. I had my credit card all ready with my number memorized just for this dang boot. I filled in all of my information in record time and hit "Process Order" and it was already sold out. I am quite angry at the moment.
Says Icon on the tag; basically a bomber but with different cuffs and hem), size Large. shoulders: 19" chest: 22.5" length: 23.5" hem: 21" sleeve: 25.5 I bought this jacket off another SF member about 6 months ago and have worn it about 10 times. It was NWT then so it is in very nice condition. Very thick cow hide leather that will last for a lifetime. The only reason I'm selling it is because I have a festival next week in which I'm low on money. Retail was $1,200 I'm...
what is the jackets size?
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