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Snuff PCT boots from ShoeMart. About a year old. I have been amazed at the resiliency of Alden's suede. I have been a lurker here for a few years, and wanted to thank all of you for the expert advice given throughout this thread. You have all steered me in the right direction during my journey into fine footwear. -William
I picked these up off of EBay. The seller stated that they were Barrie lasted, however they seem to be a different last. They are a Brooks Brothers model. Can someone help me identify these. I appreciate it.
Hey are these the reverse tobacco chamois or the regular (flesh-out?) Chamois? I love the rough look.
They are some great boots with a lovely profile. I needed some snuff suede in my life. I would highly recommend my friend.
PCT Boots in Snuff Suede from TSM. I've been on a big suede kick recently.
 @breck81 Che emailed me back informing me they could add me!! I was able to get on the Naval Boot run because of your tip. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so damn pumped for these beautiful boots. Now trying to figure out a way to procure some whiskey/ravello/cigar shell boots within a reasonable amount of time.
Here are my boots of the day... Winn Perry Little Tanks. Reverse Tobacco Chamois Plain Toe Boot on Crepe Sole. Love this roughout leather.
 I just emailed Leffot and am awaiting their reply. Thanks a lot for the tip. I have wanted these boots since i saw them last year. Lets hope they can do something for me.
So mad that i wasn't able to get in on the Leffot Naval Boot in size 11.5D. I had my credit card all ready with my number memorized just for this dang boot. I filled in all of my information in record time and hit "Process Order" and it was already sold out. I am quite angry at the moment.
Says Icon on the tag; basically a bomber but with different cuffs and hem), size Large. shoulders: 19" chest: 22.5" length: 23.5" hem: 21" sleeve: 25.5 I bought this jacket off another SF member about 6 months ago and have worn it about 10 times. It was NWT then so it is in very nice condition. Very thick cow hide leather that will last for a lifetime. The only reason I'm selling it is because I have a festival next week in which I'm low on money. Retail was $1,200 I'm...
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