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Can anyone recommend a place to buy a pair of eye glasses between $300-800?
YMC is not bad but wouldnt pay full price. I've got a pair that look like the black chucks only without the black stripe around the sole. Fairly comfy but annoying as hell as it has too many lace holes need to be undone to fit your foot in. If you don't do all of them up it looks wierd. Tigers are good and comfy too. Chucks are ok, I find them uncomfy though.
sucky sucky
dammit, too late to order?
haha it is too, time for some new glasses
That's alot of milk in that background vase
This is the funniest thread title, kudos for striking my curiousity
Damn all the ones I like are out of my size.
New site looks good!
Wet t shirt competitions
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