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oh man, havent' been on this thread for a while (my life has severely taken a turn for the worse, haven't been online as much)   but your guys' jawns are looking amazing!!! i gave my 003's their first soak awhile back, i'll post pictures when i get back to my computer.   i also got some elephant 2's that i started wearing a fair amount, so the progress on my 003's kind of plateued. still my favorite jeans though.
it's visvim llhamo. such a beautiful piece. actually it's a friend of mine's but i wanted to wear it just to be decked out in the finest handmade japanese denim money can buy :p
Alright guys, sorry for being kind of absent. I've been reading this thread and keeping up (nice crotch shots) but haven't had time to post. Had 2 pretty major deaths in the family that basically stopped my whole life. now these jeans have been worn in too many hospitals/hospices than i care for...   anyway, here's some BOM003's. They are now coming on 5 months old. Also, my entry into the "Best Canadian Tuxedo"...
Hey Guys,   Sorry for being MIA for awhile, I've had a lot of family problems lately and my mother passed away on Sunday :( Obviously I'm incredibly sad and heartbroken and haven't been interneting as much lately.   But I wanted to post a few pics (albeit cellphone pics) of my jawns and give you all an update. So here's my BOM003's at about 4 months of wear. What do you guys think?? I really like the pocketknife fade that's coming in in the coin...
I agree with that. Although I do understand it's probably hard because there's people that are still joining the contest--I just joined last week.   But still, if a list was started from the beginning it shouldn't be hard to just add a couple names on the end right? I mean, there's no lying about joining, we all have the receipt of sending money through Paypal and the go-ahead emails right?    The way mine are coming along I think they might be faded out by the time the...
i've always wanted to wrap up a cucumber in tin foil (a la spinal tap-wtf was the tinfoil for anyway?!) and wear them in my jeans to get a sick dick fade. or just have a half chub for most of the day to get a sweet mushroom head outline. never happened though, never happened...
TY bro. Yeah stacking doesn't really work on jeans much looser than these ones. I have some SDA SD003 and there's basically no stacking and it just gets caught under my foot so i cuff it like 4 times. These are awesome though, can't wait to see what the stacks look like once they're as well defined as the combs. 
those mom x indigoskins look fucckinnggg siiiccckkk!!!! god damnn!!!! the 3 different color stitches on the back and the little embroidery is fuckign awesome!! well, hopefully they'll have something like that around next year when it's time for new denim again.
those are looking mad decent. brraattt brattt
Yo everyone what up! I'm joining this contest a bit late. I just sent Cal my 10$ fee and a picture of my crotch to get it. i feel dirtier than eating 2 day old mcdonald's for breakfast.    I got these just in time for the contest, but due to some personal issues I never got around to joining. I thought I couldn't, but Cal said it was alright. Here's some pics of my BOM003 as of a few days ago.    http://imgur.com/a/ehnPI     What you guys think? 
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