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I ordered mine (black, 32 GB) when it first came out at the start of November and got it last Friday.   It's a surprisingly light phone and I really like it. It's still taking a bit of time for me to adjust, being someone used to an iphone for the last couple of years. But I am slowly customizing things to the way I like and the swipe keyboard on my Nexus is 1000x better than the iphone keyboard. My biggest issue would be battery use, as I find that it drains batteries a...
The End Clothing one ended last week. 
I just got a Nexus 5 myself too. How are you liking yours? Recent convert from Apple to Android. 
 I would rather focus my money on Mr. Porter and TBS. I find it too much of a hassle to dig through Yoox. 
Hypebeast has APCs on sale 30% with code HBGIVING13. All APC products apply. 
Ssense has Givenchy on sale if you are looking for that. 
 Keep an eye out for Roden Gray. When they had their 20% off shirts a couple weeks back, TB oxfords were included in that. 
Ssense is also doing a up to 50% off sale. No discount codes needed.    Holy shit, every shop doing a sale... I'm going to go broke.    Also props to whoever posted about the Forward Forward code. I did my Christmas shopping on their sale stuff and picked up a Thom Browne shirt for myself for $180 + free shipping. Whoo! BTW, they still have sizes 2-4 for TB shirts on a couple of them.    I didn't find anything that great for Mr. Porter this time. Also, it sucks for...
Keep an eye out on Hypebeast and Tres BIen Shop. TBS doesn't do Black Friday (I don't remember from last year, so someone can confirm) but Hypebeast will usually throw in a code for Cyber Monday. 
 I'm size 29 with NS (5'10 and 160 lbs) and I faced similar issues myself. The jeans have stretched out very nicely for me in the thighs and I don't find any issues with sagging in the seat area. The main stretching I find is in the waist area as most people have also commented on.
New Posts  All Forums: