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Definition of Eurotrashy:       See also: Mario Balotelli   Dude, those sweaters are way too flashy. The patterns are going to give people seizures. Look for something like SNS Herning and go for textures not bold patterns. 
This is like Extreme Couponing for #menswear...
 They have some down jackets on their sites for like $170 that is very reasonably priced. 
I thought I Saw the Devil wasn't too scary as it felt more of an action/thriller movie than anything. The protagonist basically spent the whole movie f*cking up the killer in a cat-and-mouse game.   I found the most disturbing part to be some of the minor characters themselves, with their psychopath personalities and behaviours. I think my favourite part was when the antagonist hitch hiked the taxi and realized the driver and passenger weren't who they were supposed to...
 Why don't you try out TBS? 20% for black friday and even in Europe it's 20% off outerwear. 
I ordered mine (black, 32 GB) when it first came out at the start of November and got it last Friday.   It's a surprisingly light phone and I really like it. It's still taking a bit of time for me to adjust, being someone used to an iphone for the last couple of years. But I am slowly customizing things to the way I like and the swipe keyboard on my Nexus is 1000x better than the iphone keyboard. My biggest issue would be battery use, as I find that it drains batteries a...
The End Clothing one ended last week. 
I just got a Nexus 5 myself too. How are you liking yours? Recent convert from Apple to Android. 
 I would rather focus my money on Mr. Porter and TBS. I find it too much of a hassle to dig through Yoox. 
Hypebeast has APCs on sale 30% with code HBGIVING13. All APC products apply. 
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