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My Tres Bien friends' pre-sale code: PRE-SALE-2YYJ1. 25% off in addition to their regular 20% off for VAT. 
Hey, do you guys know if sizing works the same for the outerwear as the villains and tees? I wear a medium in the mercer tee (can also wear small) and villain hoodie, and I'm looking at getting the rider jacket or linen M65 jacket. Just wondering what size I should get.    I'm 5'10, 160 lbs with pretty big shoulders. 
Lane Crawford has some decent deals for final sales right now. 70% plus an extra 20% off if you buy 3 items. There's still some good sizes left for things. I was looking for dress and casual shirts and snagged an Ovadia and Sons shirt for $120. LC is good because they only charge $10 for shipping (huge for me in Canada, where it can be $40 shipping from US) and they include taxes and duties so you don't get dinged at the door.  
 When did you order and how many items did you have? I was playing around with costs and the shipping wasn't a flat rate; it changed to $22 when I had just the hoodie in my cart.  I did remember I try to order a month ago and it had some ridiculous tax and shipping charges that made me not bother. I'm not sure if JE is trying to change their system up. 
Hmm, I live in Vancouver and I just ordered the grey mercer (Screw the guy who took the last black mercer tee in M!) tee and a black villain hoodie, and my shipping was only $28. It says that it includes shipping and taxes on it too. A lot cheaper than going to Roden Gray to buy the same two items. EDIT: Actually, just looked at the JE website again and it's using something called the Pitney Bowes International Service for international shipping, which maybe why it is...
Thanks for the quick response. Definitely helped. I'm assuming that the tees are probably sized differently too. 
Hey, can anyone comment on the sizing difference between the GAP x JE villain hoodie and the regular JE hoodies?    I heard about how you should size up on the hoodies as they are very slim. I bought the Gap one in small and it fits very close to the body but still fitted well. The small was the last one so I didn't have a medium to compare for size difference. I'm really like the JE hoodies now and thinking of buying an actual one online so just seeing if I need to size...
Well, it's good for someone who can't afford the main line's price points (aka. me). There's a lot of stuff that I don't care for in the collections but the hoodie looks awesome for less than half of what I would have to pay for the one from JE. I guess if you live in a place where fashion is big and you can physically go to stores that sell them, then it's really not a big deal. For me, I live in a city where there isn't a wide variety of menswear brands and have never...
I was just at the Gap in Calgary, Canada and most of their John Elliot and Co were gone. Jeans were left (I didn't bother checking sizes as I didn't want them anyways) but the tees were only limited sizes and I managed to grab the last hoodie. The other three brands still had some good stock left but I was surprised how fast some stuff cleared. The En Noir stuff I think wasn't even touched but not surprised at all considering the quality wasn't that great up-close.    I...
Has anyone bought a pair of Alexander Wang boots before? Comments on quality, fit, comfort?   http://store.alexanderwang.com/ca/alexander-wang/men/shoes
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