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Is there some way you can ban yourself from Spoo.. not see his auctions, photos, posts, emails, PM's....   I am only a month or two into my Spoo'diction and I have a problem!!!   Also we need a new emoticon with a face crying but instead of water tears it's wallet tears ($$$'s) lol..   Sigh.   S.
BAH@@@@@@@ Curse you !!!!   So many wallet tears...
How fitted is this? Not familiar with the brand but interested.   S  
Sent you a PM.   Thx.
No rest for the wicked!!! lol...   Any deets on the two ISAIA items
Woo! Thursday. Woot.
  I feel light headed.. sigh lol.. only bright spot is I am pretty full up on shirts.. that's good right.. ha! TB2 is like 38/40 right?
Deets on the Thom B stuff.. you will be the end of me.. that is for sure.   S  
Any more deets or a wide shot on the Bruno Cashmere number..   Need need need.
Boo.. I only got one of things I was going for lol.. well boo for my wallet seems a little happier....   Will have to work on my fast fingers for next time !!!   S
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