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Any measurements?
Sent you a PM
Worst photo roll ever...  made my wallet started crying and it was still in my pants pocket... how embarrassing.
   Shh.... zip IT!!!
:) Deets on the J.Press jacket/vest (3 piece?), the darker Sartorio 48 jacket, that grey Zenga suit, those Incotex pants all of them lol... zomg.. this post is killing me lol... are those 46's TTS or is there room for a 48 to squeeze in there lol.
Love any deets on the shirt in love. S  
Blues you say... BLUES!!!!!
Those Artiolio 8.5 US per chance?
deets on BC? Crap.. so though I had broken the cycle.. and then you pull me back in!!! GRRRRR   S  
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