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Thanks for the replies! I have a few choices to pursue now.    I still have much to learn =)
I have a suit bought from Macy's a few years back, but it's way too big. I went to a Brooks Brothers in Roseville, so not a heavy Chinese population...    If they truly have 34 sizes, I can work with that for sure. 
I edited the thread title to include I'm from the Bay Area; I hope that helps a bit.   So, Indochino has a poor rep, eh? Good to know. I used Yelp to try and find reputable tailors around my area, but I cannot fully trust those reviews from random folks. I'd heed advice from this forum rather than Yelp...   Thanks for the help so far! Keep em coming! =]
Yeah, I've gone into a Brooks Brothers and tried on some of their Fitz/Milano suits. They are still a bit large for me in their smallest sizes.    M2M seems to be a good directions to head. Any suggestions on good quality tailoring/material from online merchants? The only one I've seen recommended on other boards was Indochino, and I'm unsure if that place is fully trustworthy.
I am in the market for a nice suit for my wedding. I do not require a tuxedo, but staying sharp is required. I looked around some stores, but it seems my size is a bit too small for any off-the-rack stuff. The only suits that seem to fit me are the size 36S from the extra slim lines of Hugo Boss (eg. Ryan/Win fit). I am 5'8" and 130 pounds =(   Do I have any more options? I have little knowledge on M2M, and I would doubt I could afford any bespoke options. I have a...
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