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  That's what they all say.
So I just need a sanity check here. I ordered a couple of V-necks from Lands' End which arrived today... one merino V-neck in fir heather, and one cashmere in dark mahogany heather. I ordered both in what's listed on the site as "S (34-36)".   Anyway, they arrived today and this is what they look like...       (It's kind of hard to see but those labels both say S 34-36.)   I've checked the page and I didn't choose the "big & tall" option (and even...
I had my second Rockit cut yesterday - they've definitely won a new lifelong customer. Great bunch of people, good cuts, relatively affordable, and they don't just cut your hair but also help teach you how to style it yourself if it's a new style (which mine was). Love the atmosphere too.  
Price USA is quite reasonable, and they have a calculator on their website so you can gauge roughly how much it will cost you. Definitely recommended.
Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I see AusPost's point of view, but it's not particularly user friendly.   But then again, it is AusPost we're talking about here...
My understanding is that USPS, Royal Mail and any other international mail carrier who doesn't have their own local infrastructure/trucks (so everyone except DHL, FedEx, etc.) pass off their cargo to Australia Post once it's in Australia. So unless the online store uses an international courier (which is super expensive anyway, and usually means that the customer has requested fast shipping door-to-door), lockers can still be used.   The AusPost FAQ just said something...
Massive long shot, but...   Is there much demand for Uniqlo clothes here or on eBay?   I recently bought a bunch of stuff from there thinking that I'd measured myself to be a medium, but turns out I'm a small. I bought them through Price USA, so returns will be difficult, if not impossible, and also expensive.   I know my chances aren't great given that this is SF, but is anyone here interested in taking these off my hands for what I paid minus a reasonable...
Wow, I had no idea Lands End had a local return address. In fact, I didn't even know they would ship here. Thanks!
This doesn't help answer my question in the slightest.
Great, thanks for the tip. Do Lands End ship internationally or will it require an intermediary?   Also, do you have experience with their Tall fit stuff? Does it literally just make the body longer, or is it bigger all round?
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