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  One really important factor credit cards come into play is they are an easy source of unsecured credit for which to build up your credit score. the problem with going cash/debit only is when you go to apply for a mortgage(unless you want to buy a house in cash) or even a car loan they may turn you down for insufficient credit, as they need a minimum number of credit lines to gauge credit worthiness.    Also having an excellent credit score also qualifies you for the...
  Reward points first and foremost they vary depending on card, and I carry several.   Chase varies every quarter, but for example first quarter 2013, 5% cashback on gas and starbucks. 1% cashback all other purchases   But if you figure 1% cashback to make things simple, and let's say 20k in purchases/bills annually, you'd get $200/year if you calculate say 5% interest over a lifetime say 50 years that equals ~47k   on top of that you can build up your credit score, so...
    In my experience it'd be less than 1/100 people. Mainly your pro athletes, ie Football players, or body builders. 
The lapels were interesting    
+1 find pants that have a shorter rise, then have them hemmed to fit perfectly on the length.     I think he's 80kg now? from what i understand which would be ~176lbs, which 33-34 waist can sound reasonable
  typically jan 3 or w/e all the basics go back to full price. then clearance starts, so all the seasonal stuff goes to 50% off   but i think usually semi annual is the last sale for a few months
 +100000000000000   but if you want to rent tuxes:   jos a banks, men's wearhouse would prob be your best bets. They use a 3rd party for their rentals, I think the same company, but you should be able to find both in SF and Chicago.
    Can we get a I ain't no punk bitch $1100?
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