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BB, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, bonobos great places to shop.   Slow and steady, don't buy too much at once until you find your style.
JAB isn't the highest quality, but def in your price range of <$500. they constantly have like buy one get 2 or 3 free or something. They tend to fit more boxy american, but I think they do stock a slim line and a newer joseph line that's even slimmer. Find something that fits, get it tailored a bit and good luck in the interviews. when you get the $$ you can upgrade your wardrobe.   I wouldn't recommend messing around with an online self measure MTM as your first...
+1   For evening affairs Black suits can be great, but if this might be one of your only suits, or if it's a day/afternoon wedding or esp summer/spring weddings consider other colors for suit choices when making a decision.   Besides not complementing skin tones etc. another reason grey's and navy's may be better is that everything has such a huge contrast with black, and very few things go well with it.
  :O interested in zegna captoes
Is there a certain type of law you want to get into?
do you have to wear a cream tie?
  an expensive hunt :) one i'm unable to take at the moment. i'd love to see a pic when you do have it
I'd say oxford blue?   bonobos has some similar, not quite the same.   However in a couple months when all the retailers are stocked for spring you'll have a good shot at getting a very similar pair.
+1   Suits are always appropriate. I think especially at your age, you want to look professional and ready to work. One of my biggest fears with college aged kids, is you'll hire them and they'll decide partying is more important than showing up to work.
  10k increase for a software engineer doesn't sound too high. don't know what your current salary is, but friends in their 30's with a few years of experience are making 120k+, adding 10k to 120k would only be like an 8% increase which seems on the low end.   See if you can get an info on salary ranges for the position from say or similar, but when talking to them I'd ask them the salary range for the position. Get them to come up with a number first, and...
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