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a bright pink would be pretty cool.   I remember an Isaia suit that was posted a long time ago, and never forgot about it
+1   same with shirts and ties if you need them. an illfitting shirt or a bad tie can also ruin the outfit
  Depends on the fabric, but no typically the cost of a sport coat = a suit coat as they are both a jacket.   I think the poster meant buying a sport coat vs more suits so you can purchase more odd pants to go with the same jacket rather than purchasing a whole selection of full suits
  1818 rebranded a bit for sale at Nordstrom
  2 over 7 days (no breaks at all?) is spreading a bit thin.   however I'd go with #1 over #2, and slowly add more suits to the rotation.   And you'll need a lot of shirts
No 401k, IRA did decent for 2012 a little more than 19%   Mostly invested in dividend stocks, MRK, BP, OAK, JPM   Holding a small position in MRK(shoulda bought more, ran up 5% in a few days) and BP rest in cash, I think with debt ceiling and recent highs, in the next few months may see a pullback, so took some profits and hoping to buy on a dip 
  Having change always annoys me as well. you go to pay and it's like $7.05 and you get $.95 in coins, I keep tossing them into a jar and eventually that adds up. 
  People give him a lot of crap, it's nice to see how it doesn't stop him from posting
I liked it a lot, very smooth and a little sweet
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