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Black gets no love on the forum. I personally don't like it, however the rest of the world don't care. It's actually a favorite of a lot of women, no doubt from celebrities on movies where everyone wears black.   but the main thing is you need a suit that will fit, as a student out of college you need to shed that college image of partying all night long and show them that you are ready to go to work. A suit thats baggy and big screams you borrowed your dad's suit
Martin Greenfield typically is more old school fuller american cut.   I believe BB owns southwick? anyways a lot of what BB sells suit wise comes out of southwick factories.   never heard of suitsource.   I'd def recommend trying out the Millano to see how that fits. If you are newer into suiting i'd always advise people to first try OTR until you get knowledgeable in suiting and what you want in a suit before attempting mtm
akers needs to retire. 
  I expected ATL's defense to be subpar, but for the 49er's who supposedly has one of the better defenses in the league, they are letting matt ryan have his way with his 3 receivers.   Granted julio jones/roddy white and gonzalez are some of the best in the league
It's amazing to me that they've let roddy white and julio jones be as open as they have been. 
Condolences on the death in the family, always a tough time.   I'd say it depends on each family. If it were a lower income family where money is tight, it might not be a smart choice to buy suits for children esp since they are going to outgrow it soon. When I was growing up I never needed a suit till I was 20.   At the same time some kids go to many events or out to dinner where a suit would be needed, if that's the case I'd buy them one.   I'd say around...
Dc's a big city so you should have access to majority of the large shops.   I'd recommend checking out Brooks Brothers, that's usually a safe go to place to start for suits, also Ralph Lauren.   i'll let others chime in on other places as I haven't been to DC in a long time
If you try to ESF try the slim fit in a 15.5, see how the body fits, they can move the button on collar .25" making it like a 15.75" but it'll slim the body down. Might not fit, but worth a shot since you are trying on a shirt anyhow.   But as hellodock mentioned, you can always get the shirt slimmed in the body or go mtm/bespoke
  He was short MBIA for almost 6-7 years, with more years of experience and more money hopefully he should be well enough capitalized for his HLF short. I def agree with you, shady company, but don't think it's necessarily fraudulent or illegal, but in the long run if Ackman plans it correctly should come out on top.
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