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  It is Tom ford :D
  I'd do a vest with a lapel
  I thought that too, those have to be cut off
I would go this route too.   But you i think it could be beneficial to check thrift shops try on stuff etc, to figure out what you like, and how you like things to fit
I see the color worn commonly with black. A combo I personally hate :D   It's def hard to pull off, I'd rather go light blue
=\     I saw the bloodbath in the Aftermarket and the 2nd thing I thought was poor GreenFrog =\ 
Very nice. Good thing I checked the thread and you decided to post pictures.    Love the lapels, the pockets and the cuffs
  I think 20 for boys has a neck size of 14.5" might have to go down to a 16-18
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