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I hate that MVP defaulted to Flacco.   he did great paper wise, but his receivers made some great plays. a few situations he was about to get sacked that he just launched and pray'd.   I wanted to see MVP go to jacoby jones, 108 yard kick return, and that edit 56 yard score
yeah after ngata got injured, frank gore was on a roll, shoulda given him a chance
Good Game, 49ers did pretty well with a new qb.    He showed a little inexperience, but the next few seasons should be good. Just about half time, poor clock management, and wasted time outs in the 2nd half, but great job on rallying down 22 pts 
I think too many guys wear the black shirt, I rather be a little different.   also dandruff + black shirt = no bueno 
  I think though, the percentage of people going into ARM's are very low. something like 12%?  on top of that I'd estimate 60% of mortgages being closed being MHA. With the economy not fully recovered so purchases will still remain light might see a dead period so to speak as rates aren't low enough for a lot of people to refi, and economy not good enough that people are jumping into purchases
I like the imperials more. I'm finding my AS to looks a little chunky lately
  Like the way it is, the middle is also not bad   don't like the third one at all for the coat
  Completely agree.   Also when people use random things as a predictor. A camel that picks a hand or something predicts the sb winner can't stand articles like that
  haha me too, sold at 10:40 =\ missed the run up to 12
  Yeah 1% dividend and at all time highs, are a bit risky for for me 
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