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  negligible difference
Linen is awesome because it creases, it provides different texture and a more casual look. great for a more casual look, embrace the creases!
Good choice, pinks go well with browns and greys. are you wearing a tie? or going no tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty  real deal     Holy crap. I used to not like saddle shoes, but those I love
  been waiting for the results of the epic chambray oneshirt
  that'd fabric would make a pretty sweet 6x2 DB    What're your plans?
MTM = Made to measure   5'9: 145 lbs you are going to be on the thin side for sure. Jos a Banks and Men's wearhouse is more of an American cut and will fit baggy
  This   But yeah, I don't think anyone is gonna ding you or really notice a peak lapel
I'd suggest bulking up before buying clothes if that's the plan   5'8" is average!! it's not short :)   at your current weight I think the challenge would be the sleeves, pants may be too full. You can go either way, MTM or OTR. There should be a decent amount of OTR options that are slimmer in cut, ie BB milano, or RLBL
+1   For something to go with jeans I'd suggest boots, or chukka boots, or a chunkier shoe
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