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just placed my order for the meermin park last double monks in brown and plum museum calf :D
True, think I'll short scty with long puts instead. Both to me are overvalued but scty I think safer just waiting for a good entry point hopefully will be cheaper as it gets to 100. 7.2billion is a high given their revenue, fslr valued less is a little puzzling to me edit ended up deciding to just allocate a bit in both once they get close to 100 and 300. Wish me luck
thinking of doing a small position long puts for scty and tsla thoughts?   they have momo going for them short term not convinced on valuation long term.
Solid is ideally better for conservative interview dress, however as others have stated, a subtle stripe isn't really going to be a deal breaker. Don't think you can return it after it's been altered esp since there's nothing wrong with it. Don't worry about the suit and spend your energy prepping for the interview
  Loan product?   conforming vs non conforming, fixed or arm, FHA, VA    then within  ARM, you have your 5/1, 7/1 10/1 Libors then other ones with different adjustment periods etc.   Then throw in the mix term, 15 years, 10 year, 20 year, 30 year etc.   then the amount of points   refi vs purchase,    occupancy: owner occupied vs rental   dwelling type: sfr vs condo vs 2-4 unit   relationship with the lender   lots of variables, would be hard for someone to quote you,...
:o I was the only one so far that voted rosemoor   Both great shoes
Depends on the tailor, also depends how the other pair of pants fit. It it's just off a little and needs small tweaks, then no problem. If it's way off, they can possibly recut the pants, however the cost most likely wouldn't be worth it
  +1 :)     for the poll though TTO jacket fits better than ss
Since you already have seer sucker and light chino's, maybe a linen or linen blend ie linen cotton    pretty versatile and great for summer
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