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FWIW, my personal policy is to refund shipping to active duty military guys shipping to an APO address and if it includes free shipping, I will usually throw in an tie or something like that.
OK. I'll have to look at that.   Also, if the newer guys are interested, shoemart, not to be confused with the shoebank, has a way you can sign up for Alden irregulars in your size.   I just got my email and their 403 workboot in brown chromexcel is $375. their shell chukka in black is $475. I don't know if it is $76 better than the dundee in shell for $399 but I throw those two out there for comparison.
Gentle hommes:   I'm looking for plain loafers. The Steen is a good price on the 2nd sale ($157).   Haven't seen it in a store yet. Anyone have an opinion on the leather of the shoe?   Some of the AE leathers I love, others, not as much.   What I'd love is a plain loafer in a soft leather (like the friebergs), with a dainite sole.   I'd get that shoe in chili and brown suede if it existed.   BTW, when looking at AE main site, what are their code names for...
Some more measuring guides. I grabbed these off the HSM website when @jefferyd was head of design and wrote the blog. Very useful.   [[SPOILER]]      I don't personally do the half-back measurement and have never been asked for it.  I don't do the waist measurement from the back seam. I just lay it flat. I don't do the sleeve inseam, but I have been asked for it. My alterations tailor always looks at that and knows off the top of his head the standard for every size...
I don't know about a 2nd account, but definitely get the debit card. I have it tied to my amazon account so all supplies are charged on that too. All purchases at thrifts that accept credit cards are automatically tracked in one place. A godaddy/outright account is also essential, but would can wait until you make enough to pay taxes. By that I mean, once you quit buying stuff you need to get started and inventory and convert inventory into cash. Even if you sell a bunch,...
I have the Adams and its the nicest leather of any shoe I own. If there is a style I want and there is one in the indy line, thats what I'm looking for.
Last 2. Shoe styles and shoe term infographic.    
Fabric Patterns  
Alden Lasts  
Measurement guides       If you want to add these to your template, you have to have a hosting site. I host mine on dropbox, but almost anything works.   Here is how I use them. (since the guides only include Letters at the dimension line)  
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