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Not sure how your backdrop works, but I have installed a 2x4 with a hook attached above the paper roll back drop and just hang a white hanger for the item. permanently there. no transition required   
I had that exact price on a pair of boots today.  I refunded $4.20 to the buyer.  On calculated shipping, I wish there was a way to automatically extend the discount I get to the buyer. I know you can set up shipping discounts but since it varies based on the type of item it is, it really won't be accurate
I know I'm a couple of days behind, but I laughed for 5 minutes over this description. The capital E on esque was the detail that sent it over the top.
sorry. I thought that was accepted short hand
Had a similar one this year and ended up going to S5A and having them look up the supplier of the current line of Made In Italy house brand suits. Their system listed it as provided by Alpetora Imports. When I looked them up, their website is extremely sparse but they seem to be the import rep or owner of  G Manzoni "made in Italy" with no examples or anything.  From what they said, the buyers frequently spec suits and changes makers chasing a price point. So this years...
^ neither of those is taupe. To your specific question, this forum proves you can return them. Even if they were taupe.    I'd let the seller know though. 
This one is starting to get interesting. Bidding crossed over $100. Ends tonight.   POLO RALPH LAUREN ’77 Vintage Hacking Suit Brown Gun-Check Tweed Wool 38L/32 USA    
can you opt into the GSP for specific countries? If so, the east block could be added back in to the shipping group. Or GSP for all non-delcon countries. 
In a year, I've had 2, plus 2 more who ask if I would cancel because their finances changed.    The 2 non-payers were in the last 2 weeks.    Just relist and move on.
@MJMcRibb @snoogz thanks! I paid more for that suit than anything I've ever bought to sell.......$30.    Ironically, of everything I posted last night, the Ted Baker had a bid within 15 minutes of posting.    You never know.
New Posts  All Forums: