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I would add Brianpore's ebay-approved & tested authenticity disclaimer to the listing.
This may have been posted but I've just read it today as I continue to try to figure out ebay best-match algorithms.    I went searching as I have a tie, New with tags, fast and free, hassle-free returns, 1 day shipping, TR+ and wasn't even showing up in the best match. anywhere. my items per page were set to 48. When I switched to 192 per page my item was there, number 93 of 382. It was still 93 of 382 when I changed to 96 per page. At 24 and 48, I'm not on the list of...
Snoogz, These look similar to a pair of Rancourts I had a while ago. They used to put "Bench Made In Maine" on all their shoes. And they have a loyal following. 
I don't take offense.  I'm the Rodney King of this thread.....  "Why can't we all just get along?!"
I'm a proud capitalist.   In fact, I've never heard anyone say: "I wish I made less money""I wish the government would take more of my income" (actually, I've heard this one, but when I said "the government will take it if you want to give more" they told me that wasn't fair.)"Dammit, I'm too rich for my own good"
Thanks. Including tax, I paid $1.49. I'm thinking the calculated return could be ok on this.
OK. I know less about women's wear than I know about street wear, if that's even possible. However....ahem......  While not exactly a set of gold buttons, how about a 24K gold plated Christopher Ross belt buckle on a Margarita Barrera Belt?       [[SPOILER]] And while not as impressive, same donor gave up half dozen coach belts, half dozen Tanner belts, and this one other belt.     [[SPOILER]]
It's a gift.
Couple B&A shots. Wes has us all trying to up our shell game.    Alden for BB PTB   AE Bradley  
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