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I use a 4 tb usb3 drive. its formatted into 2 drives. a 2 TB for time machine and a 2TB for backing up photos etc. it stays plugged into my dock and if I ever needed to get an old file, I can go into time machine and restore it.   you can launch activity monitor and see what apps are consuming your memory. Here are my top ones.     GS is my 4th biggest user and I'm not doing anything on it right now. Its just open. And the more compressed memory you use, the slower...
Surprised they're frogskins because the new ones look like smaller versions of the ones flav o flave wears.
sometimes there is a number on the inside of the left hinge. Like CG-10 or something simple like that. When I first saw these I thought they were the "minute"  or straight jacket, but the hinge is different that I remember.
Another item.....I've been clearing out all my acculated outerwear. Almost all have gone into RRB boxes, because they're the biggest flat box I can get. I think I've used the RRB once and all the other times I put labels/tape/stickers over the RRB designation and send it based on weight. Never had one come back and I've done 15 of these in the last little while. I've fit every coat except a 3xl coat and the shearlings that I've sold into those boxes. I've been using old...
congratulations. I feel like @barrelntrigger should fix you a celebratory meal or something.
I use their express stickers over the top of the priority mail markings. So far, so good.
I will add that if you have the auto archive set, the folder in your library is huge because it also caches copies of the photos at the display AND the thumbnail size. Occasionally go in an move those files to a different drive (if you want to keep them). also, the least number of templates you keep in GS, the faster it seems to run. So if you have 10,000 auctions still in GS, it is going to run a bit slower. @fueco, I'm also waiting to see what the pending upgrade will...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/391014727812   this one. I'm not touching his collar.
C. Removed dry cleaner sheen from an improperly cleaned suit.
On the topic of raising your packaging game.....   I was in Phoenix last week and took a couple of items by Rave Fabric Care dry cleaners (that is across the parking lot from a savers in scottsdale).   Stu is a forum member and I had read a number of his reviews and had conversed via PM over some things.   I decided to drop by a couple of things.   This is a tie that had a pretty bad spot on it. It did come out, but the packaging of the tie in return is over the...
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