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I have a basic store, but I don't remember getting anything about shipping supplies, but I will go check. Thanks for the headsup. Edit: just picked up 100 boxes I use for ties and belts for under $11 with free shipping. That would have cost $40 from uline.
my 1st walnut wednesday contribution. The Vernon.  
I use the plain duck brand. 3.1Mil thick on a 60 yard roll. Buy on amazon for $2.46/ roll in an 8 pack with no shipping. I don't know how thick the ebay tape is, but mostly I saw $3.5 to $4.5 per 75 yard roll plus shipping. my equivalent price for a 75 yard role is $3.07. You guys have a cheap source?
Most coats will fit in the RRB flat box.   bigger items like shearlings I ship in an 18"x16"x6" procured from uline.
That factory is owned by Individualized Apparel, the parent for Corbin, Tom James and more. No Incotex tie in. Just a copy.
I was hoping no-one would ask.
This guy asked me the same thing on a pair of Alden loafers.
I'll give that a shot. This is my current setup 
1. I don't shoot tethered. I have wifi on my camera but the thing is slow and its faster to just move the memory cards. I would trip over the cord too.2. my background is white mylar that is backlit with two alien bees strobes with the standard reflectors aimed at the back wall. subject is about 4-5 feet in front of my background. The light spilling from the back is a compromise between available space and flash settings. It reflects off the back wall, lights the mylar,...
Good tip. I'll take a look at it. Though I'm getting pretty OK with exposure, if this simplifies the process more, I'm in.
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