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PSA.    Jos. A Bank Shoe trees for $7.50.  Lowest I remember.    http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/ProductDisplayView?storeId=11001&productId=101593
awesome.! Thanks @SpooPoker & @fueco
On this topic of verification, I absolutely suck at detecting good counterfeits. It almost has to have the label scrawled in crayon. Most of the sought after items I've never even seen in a store much less actually handled. I've had a couple items here for over a year because I can't say for sure if real.    I was in a GW this morning and find this D&G licensed item, which even I know is a hugely counterfeited brand. I spent an hour in-store staring at photos of...
"Boglioli Lardini LBM L.B.M."Why are these brands included in your listing title?
Thrift bros......if you check out cuff links and aren't sure how to describe, this website appears to be the bible of cufflink styles.   http://www.cufflinkking.com/glossary.htm
Lately Wes seems to be putting his best items up BIN. I saw that he got almost $500 BIN for the vintage PRL 3-piece he listed last week.
Oddly, I may actually know the former owner of your coat. I used to work with a Mike Langlois. IIRC he was from the northeast and not socal.
Hans...thanks so much for this. I had picked up this jacket back in the summer. If I am dating it properly, it looks like a 1973 US Navy peacoat.  Thing is perfect except for missing the internal button for the inner double breasted side. 
Coincidently this is in the journal today. http://online.wsj.com/articles/new-facebook-rules-will-sting-entrepreneurs-1417133694?mod=trending_now_2 I will net it out to say that a 2014 change is meaning that small businesses who have used their facebook networks to market are now paying big bucks for that because they go thru an scrub ads posted as status updates. A pool supply company said that an ad today generates single digit sales while the same ad a couple years ago...
I thought authentic brands owned the hartmarx properties now.
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