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The only thing I will say is that when you print out a single label, it reverts to the auction number from ebay and ignores your preference. Not a crisis since its only one number, but a glitch none-the-less.
While not approaching the elegance of the Dr. Livingston packaging, here is what my process is.  [[SPOILER]]
I have florsheims and an 11D consistently fits like an 11M in other shoes.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Oxxford-Clothes-Navy-Striped-Suit-100-Wool-Size-42-R-/111994078056?hash=item1a135e0368:g:MgwAAOSwWntXMz~Y   To me, this defeats the purpose of having a mannequin.
 I pre-package all my ties after photographing. Each tie is folded and in a plastic bag, then placed in a 3" x 4" x 6" box. I bought 500 on sale for $.21 each so my out of pocket for shipping for the box, the label, and the bag is about $.35 per tie 1st class is the free option, and I have a priority and express option. No one has bought the upgraded shipping since Christmas 2014. For international, the default is priority, but I have a 2nd option of first class for...
Congrats! Try not to even worry about which 3 people are going to want to return their stuff.
Guys.   I thought this was something it isn't. I picked this up with a dozen flusser custom or Flusser for S5A but all the tags on the other italian ones are at the tip of the small blade.   Does anyone recognize this type of Fabric tag? Its where Stefano Ricci puts theirs but the tag isn't similar. I haven't seen Isaia, Borelli, Brioni or anyone else   with there tags here.   Self Tipped, Not 7 fold.    
I would use Saphir if I had it. outside and inside the vamp of the shoe, and then I would put in an oversized shoe tree that would smooth it out and let it dry. then I would do one more coat of moisture with the trees in and let dry. then cream or wax, doesn't matter. You won't get out the creases, but they will look better.
 If all tie makers did this, this thread would be at least a third shorter.
There are two things I would tell you. The SA DPC2505 has been around for at least 10 years. I don't remember if it has been updated to support Docsis 3.0 but you can do much better than that. If I were buying a box today, it would be the Arris Surfboard 6183 model because it has the very latest bandwidth architecture that Docsis supports. (Docsis being the CableLabs standard for modems). Second, ALL wifi extenders suck. Even worse, the tools that exist to troubleshoot...
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