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I think your current one is better. More current to my eye.
They never put out the pants for that jacket. 
right, the problem is when you only sell a third of what you have listed in a given week and have to re-list a couple of times. You don't want to have to re-label all your boxes.  Now the box number will match the postage label no matter if its relisted 20 times.
OK K-T, by giving me that field name, I could see that GS is already mapping that field to the sku number field.  EBAY's selling manager lets you add that field thru the customize option. I added the field, moved it where I wanted it, a voila, I get the SKU.  You just solved an aggravation I've been trying to fix for a couple weeks. This didn't matter when I was selling open items and packing and shipping on Sunday. I matters a bunch with everything pre-boxed.  An example...
use calculated shipping.
I put mine in the sku number slot. I haven't seen a way to make that print out on the mailer yet. When you view the overview screen in Garagesale and click on a folder, there is an option to view a table of items instead of the thumbnail view. The table view includes the SKU. When I get the paid notification, I move the items that sold into a "pull" folder, which I now see in the table and print off the list of items, by sku. I submitted a feature request for a "pull" list...
Have these Beretta Outdoor chinos to list. They are new, but the only think remotely resembling a tag is the dongle you see off the belt loop.    I'm thinking that listing as NWOT is the right way to go, but since there is something physically still attached from the store, I thought I would check the pulse of moving up to NWT.    Comments?  
My next order is going to replace the 6x3x3 with the 6x4x3. Some larger belts need more room. I think they're a penny more each.
Mine looks almost exactly like yours. drives me crazy. 
Awesome find!. You wouldn't know who made the PRL's would you?
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