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Thanks! Don't know why I couldn't find it.I've got a ladies belt I'm posting that has gauguin's riders in the beach printed on the leather. I wanted to get more idea of prices.
Does anyone know this brand of belt? I'm looking for a website but not finding one.   
I think that's the date of the manufacturing regulation. Law number 883. 
oops. I was thinking of the Q5, which is my current target.
they offer a gas and a diesel 3.0 now
mercy! Merci.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My next door neighbor drives a cls63 and loves it. I was out looking sunday at a E series wagon as my official thriftmobile, but still deciding. I like the Audi Allroad because of the car feel but space to carry stuff, but was hoping for the better mileage of a diesel. 
My question for today:   "Hi. I was surprised II had been charges sales tax on my purchase which is a preowned item. ??"   Of course, part of my T&C's include:   "Unfortunately, I have to charge sales tax if you live in NC."   I offered to split it with her anyway just to make her happy. We'll see.
effective now, my new size disclaimer: A word about size:These shoes are tagged a size XX and are sold on that basis. However, in footwear, each manufacturer designs to lasts that are specific to their own models. A shoe tagged a given size with one maker may not fit the same as that of another maker. For this reason, I provide supplemental measurements that may assist you in deciding whether this particular item will work for you. Please compare the provided sizes with...
very nice. Which model did you get?
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