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plug it into your new mac with an ethernet cable connecting them and retrieve the data using "target disk mode"
sorry but am catching up on a month of posts. The issue with switching platforms is the app situation. If you're just getting a smart phone, doesn't matter. If instead, you have 1000 songs you've bought on itunes, 30 novels, and 10 pages of apps, there is no reasonable way to get those to an android phone without a bunch of hassle. You can take your songs and burn them to a cd, thereby removing encryption and load them to a machine that can load your android. I don't know...
I may be just a wee bit impatient today. Message from ebay shopper bpromma:  "Do these shoes come from a smoke free home? Are you the original owner? Is there any visible glue marks or mid sole separation? Is this item returnable? Thanks for your time hope to hear back from you."  [[SPOILER]] I'm thinking of a preemptive block just so I don't have to hear what carefully contrived reason he will come up with to avoid paying shipping. Maybe that's the reason he asks about...
On item 2, thru sunday, the clearance seconds are marked down as well, but the loafers I orders were $157.60 while the 2nds at the shoe bank are $157 even. I spot checked a couple of dainite shoes as well and they were all withing $4-5 of the shoe bank prices.
http://www.wsj.com/articles/real-estate-developer-keith-rubensteins-manhattan-mansion-seeks-84-5-million-1454624490   Hermes leather walls in the billiard room.   Available.
One thing that would be helpful in these active fora would be to have persistent links to hall of fame/ faq posts. I think it was 2012 when I signed up because I needed to buy some new clothes. I had started buying on ebay and kept seeing the same sellers and when I googled them, I found they congregated here in the buying and selling forum. I spent hours reading about clothing. I was 55 at the time and made it through life without knowing a lot of basics. A short list?...
In this regard, the shoebank currently has the Clark Street in black with a dainite sole for $117. It's on the 108 last. While in brown or natural, its a casual shoe, the black on black looks formal enough to wear in a situtation like you're describing. Well, to me anyway. I like the Lexington as well, but at $117, that's a hard pass, and I have all the black shoes I can ever wear.
Or (yesterday): this is the 99019 label. 2.25x7.38" label.
Looking at the longwings side by side, they have streamlined the look of the lieden by taking the broguing on the bottom back at a flatter angle. The bottom broguing is down below the midpoint of the shoe. While in the MacNeil, the broguing comes all the way up to the top. The medallions on the 1st three look the same. details on the McGregor and the Larchmont look similar. My take is that if you need a longwing, you're probably not going for sleek anyway, but if you are...
I definitely schedule. When they scan the form, it meets the ebay requirement.
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