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Add basically anywhere in Idaho, Eastern Oregon/ Washington, Montana, the dakota's, Wyoming etc. Unless you're near a tribal area, I can sum up the diversity issue by asking, "What shade of blonde is she?"
depends on the thread count. but assuming TC of super 120's or higher, figure $80 per large hole. My guess is that's $250 to do the top 2 and the 3 grouped at the bottom. If the scale is blown way up, AND there is a large area they could cut the patch (usually inside fold of a vent), they could do the whole thing as one piece, but you'd end up with a faint rectangle around it.
I don't live there but I use Sofio's over at Tyson's. He's mainly got a m2m business but why I sought him out was because of comments about their alterations staff. Gigi is the best. I'm doing my 3rd suit with them now (made by Adrian Jules). Plus on suits, they let you provide fabric, which makes their options a good deal (I order fabric from Huddersfield). I wait until they announce a 20% off and then send whatever fabric I'm holding for my next suit. I've had a couple...
I think @TheNeedMachine used one of those initially but switched to a mannequin. Not sure iirc.
Yep. That didn't show up on my auctions. Must only be on BIN transactions.
I can't see a button in the message from a buyer to extend an offer. Where is that capability?
Yep. Jarman Benchmark
 Option 1: Give him the info. He paid $31. You paid $24. Explain that he hasn't been overcharged because he received the standard USPS rate that he would be charged by any other ebay seller who hasn't worked hard enough and long enough to get TRS status and thus earn the shipping discounts. You count on those reductions and are able to keep your prices lower by factoring in those discounts into the calculus. (probably the principled response) Option 2: Print out an...
Yep. I guess he needs to create minimal accounts to lock up all the potential Luxe knock offs. Like when they released the xxx domain and churches were going in and buying church.xxx to keep someone else from doing it.
golf cleats. Used to live on a similar hill.
New Posts  All Forums: