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Thrift Bros.   I need to reach out to see if anyone is sitting on some dunhill buttons. I have this blazer that is missing one. I emailed Dunhill and they never responded.   on another front, its made in italy, but none of the normal tags.....I thought I remembered that these were made by Zegna but this doesn't have any of the tags     
Thanks for the correction. I was at Nordstrom's locally about 3 months ago when they were launching a m2m line for Peter Millar and the tags on the samples were JV tags. I asked the sales guy about it and he told me their suits by Peter Millar and Donahue were being made by Jack Victor. I guess he was wrong.
JV is all over the place. Last I saw, they make the saks and niemans house brand slacks. Also make the David Donahue and Peter Millar suits and the canadian-made pants at Nordstroms. Mid-tier, but probably nicer than 98% of the people you work with will be wearing.
I wouldn't even notice because I don't even start looking at bid activity until sunday mornings. And even then, I'm just scanning for what has bids and what is escalating. I'm more likely to look at the item with 20 watchers with no bids and wonder if there will be a snipe. Other than the retractions, is there something specific you look for when you're reviewing?
and they have a "good" marshall's on the strip beside the MGM grand. below street level. Only one I've been in that carried black fleece, charvet, and the most impossibly light 1/4 lined navy blazer by Loro Piana (which I passed on for $1000). every other one I've been in the best was BB Irregular ties.
Thanks. I looked at a number of the Mabro labels and hadn't seen this one. All the ones I saw had the sizing on the lower right in the corneliani/ Canali style. Appreciate the call.
Hoping for some help on this label. From a 2000's era Prada suit. Feels fully canvassed to me, but could be half.   Thread suggested their suits were done by Belvest or Cantarelli with Scuderi as an outlier suggestion. This didn't match any of these I saw.    
I have a jacket posted with this label. I don't know anything about the brand. Does anyone know anything about it? Only other tag is the union tag. I even tried to find the TM info on PDC, TDC and more but never could find it.   Guessing this is from late 70's.  
Just send him a note explaining that you can only ship to paypal address on file. If he hasn't updated that to his new address, you'll wait to ship it until he confirms it has been updated.
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