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I've wondered this too because I recently saw an article that suggested the automatic relist doesn't jump you back up in the ratings. I've changed my BINOBO's to start Friday night and end Sundays on a 30 day auction.  No idea yet if it really matters. 
Of course. probably Sunday. 
congrats. take it and run. You probably didn't think anyone would pay the BIN anyway.  I've quit 2nd guessing it. I probably get a BIN every 10 days and just say awesome!
I used a variation for about 6 months. worked fine. however, I had to spend more time futzing with color and now almost zero since I put in better lighting. 
Theirs: 2 soft boxes, 3 diffuser options included. Each holds 5 compact fluorescents, 6500K, I forget the output. each bulb has its own switch.  That said, worse case, the 2 you've identified will work fine and look like the 2 I have for front lighting now.  I calculated that Wes' set up is like 28000 lumens or something like that. I don't see any specs for the bulbs that this includes so they're likely 5000 or 6500K, and probably 40-45W. I don't see the lumen output. Ask...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000w-Photo-Studio-Video-Continuous-Lighting-Kit-Photography-Softbox-Light-Stand-/360778616035?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item540014cce3 I have a total of 4 lights now. I have these 2 on the backdrop. Two similar (16"x24" 4-bulbs)  on the fronts of the item, and an overhead. I've been happy with the service of these folks and to get 2 lights, with stands, 5 bulbs included at $90 is a pretty good deal to me. My fronts are narrow and only hold 4 bulbs...
a few days behind, but ^this.  If I were convinced this was a tactic and not a mistake, my response to that seller would be: "you're certainly entitled to cancel the transaction, but I believe I won the item fairly at terms you established. Until, I receive a cancellation notice, I am expecting to receive the item as agreed. If you do cancel, you should be fully aware that you would be reneging on your own terms and I will open a case and provide all necessary feedback to...
If ebay has sided in his favor, you'll refund everything, and hope you get the jacket back. Unless you have an email where he told you he would give you bad feedback if you didn't give him a full refund, you're toast. The deal with used clothing is that there is almost always a way for a buyer to find a flaw if they want to return it. In my opinion, it is nearly impossible to "over disclose". I posted a jacket that looked off a bit on the back seam. when I stared at it,...
just a note, I believe the 12x15 are the biggest that qualify for first class. 
Doesn't embarrass me at all. I could give 50 examples but not the purpose of this forum.. To think this started because I was complimenting Wes.But you have cleared up a question I've had for a while; namely why you picked your forum name.
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