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There are two things I would tell you. The SA DPC2505 has been around for at least 10 years. I don't remember if it has been updated to support Docsis 3.0 but you can do much better than that. If I were buying a box today, it would be the Arris Surfboard 6183 model because it has the very latest bandwidth architecture that Docsis supports. (Docsis being the CableLabs standard for modems). Second, ALL wifi extenders suck. Even worse, the tools that exist to troubleshoot...
Fritz the Cat Blue Haze Pyscho Swirl.
Accessories: 43 Ties and a pair of suspenders. All thrifted last week. Also had a good week with shirts, but a PITA to shoot them all.   Highligts were NOS Brioni, Rubinacci, (Pop) and Missoni with tags from Filene's Basement. Also, a Borelli, a Barbera and a burberry Novachek.   5X Alan Flusser Custom/ Saks       5X Alan Flusser Custom/ Saks       All Italy with this one by Drakes       Brioni, Brioni, Alan Flusser Custom Cashmere, T&A x2 -...
I would guess Ash (most common) or Beechwood. Depends who made it too.
bumping on the reality check
Yes, these are american-made. I have read about Ansewn but didn't know that they had been absorbed into the Rancourt family. Thanks,
Any idea on these PRL loafers?   I've seen these by Rancourt before, but these don't exactly match that.      
Guys, I need a reality check. Wes tells me Dunhill is heavily faked. I've had this a while but before I post it on ebay, just want to verify.    [[SPOILER]]
Los Angeles Jewish Women site on ebay has a pair of small Bottega Veneta I think they started at $30. a little TLC and they'd be nice.
Plain-toe Shortwing Monk strap slip-on.
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