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for the newer sellers out there, I'm going to upload a few reference things.  
FU in the title seems to be the way sellers describe them most often.
look like peerless labels to me.
they were 9.5M.
I'm remiss on a shout out for @Fueco for pointing me towards the value of these boots. Cleaned up and gone. Thanks! [[SPOILER]]  And my first Henry Poole suit. Also gone.     [[SPOILER]]
So I was right, but for the wrong reason. I'll have to ponder if it would have been better to be wrong.
recentissimo I would say. Its got the highest gorge I've ever seen on an oxxford. And their stuff had low gorges even 5-6 years ago.  I yield to the more knowledgeable.
 Another idea are the Vernon's. simple shoe, lots of style. and prices are lower on the Vernon than the cornwallis.
or Brown Cornwallis.
Still, I don't get the segmentation they're after. why have 4 split-toe styles? 2 on the same last? ok the Bradley I get because it has raised seams and is only in shell, but Delray, Lasalle and Walton? Why have 3 longwings? oh well, they have years of successful operation and I've been buying their shoes for 2 years, so what do I know anyway.
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