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In switching to a new camera, I'm also switching to lightroom from iphoto because iphoto on my mac pukes on nikon raw format.   Right now, I don't see a way to move edited photos from lightroom to garagesale without doing a time consuming export from lightroom.   Anyone using lightroom and garagesale willing to share your workflow?
What I've started doing on these is measuring from the center back of the neck to the end of the sleeve. So for a size 42 overcoat, if I had a measurement of 35", I would give an "estimated" measurement of 20 shoulders and 25" sleeve length. don't know if this is right.
This is from an overcoat I picked up.   Any ideas on a specific maker based on this tag?  
Looks like a Southwick tag to me.
People don't realize how many sellers block buyers with a single un-paid item strike. In my case, I've had people contact me and complain that they were unable to bid on an item and I reply with "either your feedback is zero, you are trying to purchase from the Russian federation or Italy, or you bought an item you never paid for. If you don't think you fall into any of these three categories, let me know and I'll try to help you figure it out. What's frustrating is that...
thanks matty!
actually, I would call that the rise of the pants, with front and back rise being their own specific measurements. So if I need at least a 10.5" rise in dress pants, the front rise in a specific pant is unlikely to be exactly 10.5. I use rise in my listings as a short hand for people to use, but I've been asked for front rise twice in 16 months.
Botany 500 3 piece. Brown herringbone tweed. Reversible vest.   [[SPOILER]]   Stein Bloch Men's Cashmere Overcoat. Tons of handwork on this. Claims to be Hand-tailored.    [[SPOILER]]  Gloveral   [[SPOILER]]  Cashmere Dress Overcoat, Italy, Anyone recognize the label?   Renwick of Canada - I think 5th I've found here.  Cashmere topcoat. Even more handwork than the one above. From Berry Burk. Never heard of them.   [[SPOILER]]  Cashmere Overcoat - David's Men store Silver...
Outseam - Inseam = Rise. Source: Post 9 here http://www.styleforum.net/t/281890/whats-the-proper-way-to-measure-a-pants-rise/0_100#post_5094304
I like their mannequin   [[SPOILER]]
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