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Well, I'm stopping for tonight.    Hope some shoes sell on Sunday.......  
If you look in the library folder, there's an application support folder. Garagesale stores the scaled down copies in that folder but not in any order.  I would be interested in how people archive their auctions. 
Thanks! Don't know why I couldn't find it.I've got a ladies belt I'm posting that has gauguin's riders in the beach printed on the leather. I wanted to get more idea of prices.
Does anyone know this brand of belt? I'm looking for a website but not finding one.   
I think that's the date of the manufacturing regulation. Law number 883. 
oops. I was thinking of the Q5, which is my current target.
they offer a gas and a diesel 3.0 now
mercy! Merci.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My next door neighbor drives a cls63 and loves it. I was out looking sunday at a E series wagon as my official thriftmobile, but still deciding. I like the Audi Allroad because of the car feel but space to carry stuff, but was hoping for the better mileage of a diesel. 
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