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OK. I have this nice suit, in 9.5/10 condition on the outside.    Unfortunately the lining has some pretty bad yellow underarm stains.      Is there a "method" for these type of biological stains? Have the dry cleaner give it a shot? List and disclose?   What do you guys do with interior staining?
you need the dickie and the banlon sweater to complete the look.
Seeing those reminded me of these two of my granddaughter taking a nap that I took a couple years ago.  
^ I went to a postal drop on Saturday and had the clerk scan the package, but it didn't show up until Monday. I'm convinced this is a dark art.
Until I joined this forum, I had no idea what shell cordovan was. I had to google it. I had never seen them in a store until I went to Allen edmonds. Your mall stores typically don't have shell. Even brooks brothers. Had I listed burgundy shoes, I would have used cordovan because when I look at the kiwi can the color says cordovan. Choices are burgundy, ox blood, merlot or cordovan.So unless a listing says shell, I assume it's a color reference and not some nefarious...
a couple weeks ago, found 4 pair of Alden tassel loafers at 4 consecutive stores, each more neglected than the last.   These were the worst 2. Believe it or not, these have the same alden color code. Again, built up dirt, built up polish, dry, dry dry.    Cleaned with Lexol, sprayed inside/out with lexol. Removed the darker polish on the walnut one. Polished.      Before/After                 
I would. 
Size M, plus the. measure chest size-2.
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