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That factory is owned by Individualized Apparel, the parent for Corbin, Tom James and more. No Incotex tie in. Just a copy.
I was hoping no-one would ask.
This guy asked me the same thing on a pair of Alden loafers.
I'll give that a shot. This is my current setup 
1. I don't shoot tethered. I have wifi on my camera but the thing is slow and its faster to just move the memory cards. I would trip over the cord too.2. my background is white mylar that is backlit with two alien bees strobes with the standard reflectors aimed at the back wall. subject is about 4-5 feet in front of my background. The light spilling from the back is a compromise between available space and flash settings. It reflects off the back wall, lights the mylar,...
Good tip. I'll take a look at it. Though I'm getting pretty OK with exposure, if this simplifies the process more, I'm in.
If I drop the backlight, I have to edit the top and bottom 10-15% of the photos. The Alienbees support 1/250 so that's where I started. The only problem I've had is dragging my thumb on the thumbwheel and accidentally changing it to 1/320. I also thrifted a light meter which really helped get the exposure right. The back drop reads a bit less than 2 stops difference. efforts to close the gap by raising the fronts a bit didn't make it any better and this had less editing. I...
I have been striving to get to zero editing but still getting the white background you are getting. I import my photos into light room and discovered that if I bump up the highlights and the whites to 40 each, that it whites out the background. So I just did 250 or so shots and had to edit maybe 10-12. what a relief.  This shot is shot on a nikon d7100, f16, shutter 1/250 into lightroom. On import to lightroom, import filter adjusts white balance, and bumps the highlights...
Yep. I had ordered the Jiffy based on this article.This is true. They claim it is intentional but you end up having to select auctions twice.
Interesting review of clothes steamers:   http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-clothing-steamers/
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