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Got this zegna tie early in my thrifting career without an embossed EZ on the interfacing. Does that mean likely a fake?        
One of you guys should buy this so she can afford a mannequin.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fitted-Brooks-Brothers-Ladies-039-Lavender-No-Iron-Long-Sleeve-Dress-Shirt-Sz-8-/221952935692?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
One thing about this. I recently learned that some (all) of the big ISP's essentially do Volkswagen-style testing on speeds in that all their normal buffering and DNS resolution crap gets streamlined so you get a higher nominal speed than your typical http traffic will experience.
a few weeks ago Dalton asked about building tables for GarageSale listings. I had built mine a couple years ago and since I didn't know how to write efficient html, the simple looking table was a ton of lines, with style info attached to each line. After his question, I decided to look at how to use CSS to simplify this. As this was my first foray into CSS, I spent a bunch of time looking at tables and tutorials about tables. Once I had the table layout, I still had to...
Yep, I had a NOS MG for BB Blazer that didn't have the front button holes cut in (but had the 2 buttons in a pocket) nor the sleeve buttons. I sent them a picture and they sent 8 sleeve buttons. Had another one missing a sleeve button. Went by and they had about a dozen they keep in a drawer and gave me the one I needed.
I used to go out every day and hit 2-3 stores but now I'm only hitting stores opportunistically. That is, if I have to go by for another reason. We are in an area where there is only one store in a hundred mile radius that sells Kiton. I think 2 stores sell Aldens. Most of the grail brands I had never seen unitl I started shopping out of town in 2012. I think I went 3 months without buying anything until I found a 3 piece BB Lardini suit. There just isn't a ton of...
If you call Brooks Brothers customer service or go by a store, they will give you replacements for free.
starting point is the middle button. but on a normally sized jacket, I always look for the most narrow point is and measure that.
Thanks guys. I sent them both notes asking (essentially) if they were bidding in tandem. One immediately retracted the bid and the 2nd person bit on my counter. So I shipped yesterday. Hopefully, they get the jacket and like it.
 I countered $25 lower to both. One countered up $25, one countered up $50. the 2nd one is now at my target price, but these bastards are making me nervous.
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