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Mine open automatically and I forget until I see the note come in saying a case was open. Can you set up a note that auto-sends when the case gets opened?
I thought it was the new merc.Edit. Nevermind
I saw you had that listed. Must be a forum first.
I think your photo setting is nice, but where you're set up has a couple of issues.  The line of your deck creates a focal point up on that corner. its light against dark plus the angle creates a 2nd dynamic taking your eye there. My inclination would be to move the mannequin up to the area I targeted and try to have the leafy background be 100% of what the viewer sees in the background.  Also, in direct sun, you're getting a lot of sheen on you photos. that same corner in...
I just read the manual and it refers you back to ebay that says you can set up one of 2 discounts, either 5% or 10% off.  My discount varies from 23% down to 7 or 8% on a SFRB. If I read that right, then there is no reasonable way to do that.  bottom line, I'd like a buyer to see the calculated cost of shipping, net of discount. 
very nice photos hvo!
There is a setting in Garagesale to "apply promotional shipping discount to international orders". I was hoping that setting would pass along the 20% discount. Has anyone used the setting?
Had a buyer contact me today. He bought a pair of shoes last night, but also tried to buy a Sports Coat but he said he was blocked from bidding on it.    I don't have him on my block list or he couldn't have bought the first item.    Any ideas for something on my end that I've done to restrict bidding on specific objects?
the 5 nail and v-cleat would usually always be on the "Royal Imperial" line vs the "Imperial". But sometimes they're on the mainline imperial too.  In the 60s/70s, this was considered one of the best built shoes anywhere. When my dad passed away in October, I was cleaning out his stuff and he had 2 pair of black and one pair of brown florsheim wingtips that he got in the mid-60s. I had no idea he still had them.  When you run across great classic shoes like this, there's...
On the continuing dialog about how to list sizes to stay out of trouble: I've listed a Black Fleece suit that I have.    Suit is tagged a BB3. Supplemental tag says Regular.    Web site says BB3 = 42, hence 42R.    However, the jacket is only 29" long. The pants are 35"x28". Sleeves are 23.5". If there was no tag I would have listed this as a 42 short- athletic cut.    If you've handled these BB tagged sizes before, what's the best strategy for listing the...
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