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100% in boxes. However, buy a tie from BB, Kent Wang, BR, or any number of other companies, and it will be shipped in a plastic bag, with a gray shipping bag over the top. With BB, you can request  that they ship a "gift" box.
my preference is to always ship in a box. so RRA for me is my choice to a point. If padded FR is $5.25, In most cases, I'd pay the difference to stay in a box. But that's me. And often, when the RRA kicks in and you're way under 2 pounds, you can go by weight and its a bit cheaper. I just put stickers over the RRA identifiers.
Thanks. I sent these terms to him yesterday. We'll see if that scared him away.
OK. I've shipped stuff to china, but never a $500 item, to a buyer with 0 feedback, user ID created 2 day's ago.    What do you guys advise? My inclination is to tell him to come back when he's got 10 or so recommendations. However, he can order paper clips and get the auto feedback  and get there.    Comments?  
We sometimes complain about how things are shipped. I got ties today I ordered from chas_la.  not sure if he's a forum member. Nice Job though on the packing.        
If the shirt is new, they usually account for shrinkage so a 16 might come out of the bag at 16.3/4. I've had some well-laundered shirts be a half-inch shy of the tagged measurement.  There was a thread at AAAC where Chris Despos (I think) mentioned the fit of the shirt, in relationship to body measurement, but not size itself. His point was that a very slim shirt is chest measurement plus 4". Then girth is added from there based on the desired fit.
Question for you heavy consignees. (or consignors who ship a bunch to new jersey or new york)   I need to ship a heavy box of items to Salt Lake. I don't care how slow it is. My dad had about 100 tapes (reel to reel) of family interviews that I'm having digitized. Will be about 35lbs in a box a bit larger than a box of copy paper.    Which method usually works out to be the cheapest?
I think GMMCL recently had a similarly stained pair that he was going to try to treat as soon as he found a hazmat suit. you may want to PM.
Guys,    Let me draw on the Canadian expertise in the forum.    I have a buyer asking me to estimate the import duty on a pair of shoes that will likely sell for $80USD.    So far, in my shipments to Canada, no buyer has said that they had to pay any duty on the item.    In the customs forms, I genericize the input to read "pre-owned men's shoes". no brands.    Is there a definite resource or is there an answer on this?   jb
  OK. This has triggered me to test @SpooPoker 's savant skill of writing the perfect sales title for any given listing. Not that the Marv Albert reference hurts this listing, but with his other behaviour that was widely reported, it does make me wonder this might have been.  edit: relief! couldn't tell from this pic that @TheNeedMachine had PS'd you.  
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