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what tyvex are you buying? unline has 10x 13 at $30/100 and 12x15 at $43. plus you add fairly expensive shipping.  With the 3x3x6 box costing about $.30 delivered, its probably a hair cheaper than the tyvex wrap. Now, I get it if you're using the txwoodworker method and pre-packaging all your items immediately. You have everything staged in SFR and then if someone opts for 1st Class, throw it in the tyvex.
I don't mind that the parts are sourced from all over. However, if it has only one country listed, I expect that to be the point of final assembly.    If I see a tie that is branded, "Sniff & Wheez" London, England, I don't expect that to necessarily be made in england. I still check the label.    If something only has one tag as a point of provenance, and it says "Made In XXX" I do assume that's where the thing is assembled.    Lets say Silk is sourced from Italy,...
sorry to be behind on the thread, but are you frickin' kidding me? These "made in england" braces are coming from asia but have english metal which, coincidently are the only country listed on the braces? Seems deliberately misleading. I've got no problem with "designed in italy" or brass "sourced in England, but the implication is the whole thing is made in england.
hmmm. My mind is going. I bought a couple of ties from you before finding this site and I thought they came in a small FRB, each in a clear plastic bag.  I remember thinking that was a nice way to package the ties so that's what I tried to emulate.  I wonder who it was that shipped the ties that way as I bought a dozen or so before I found this forum. 
100% in boxes. However, buy a tie from BB, Kent Wang, BR, or any number of other companies, and it will be shipped in a plastic bag, with a gray shipping bag over the top. With BB, you can request  that they ship a "gift" box.
my preference is to always ship in a box. so RRA for me is my choice to a point. If padded FR is $5.25, In most cases, I'd pay the difference to stay in a box. But that's me. And often, when the RRA kicks in and you're way under 2 pounds, you can go by weight and its a bit cheaper. I just put stickers over the RRA identifiers.
Thanks. I sent these terms to him yesterday. We'll see if that scared him away.
OK. I've shipped stuff to china, but never a $500 item, to a buyer with 0 feedback, user ID created 2 day's ago.    What do you guys advise? My inclination is to tell him to come back when he's got 10 or so recommendations. However, he can order paper clips and get the auto feedback  and get there.    Comments?  
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