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Soliciting input from the team here. My wife bought this Burberry quilted jacket at a local savers. She brought it back to the hotel and I am concerned it is a fake. I suck at reality checks, but in this case, every burberry jacket I've seen has novacheck somewhere in the lining or the sleeves or something. Also, everyone I've seen personally has laser etched burberry buttons. this has a solid black lining, plain buttons, but on the other hand it is neatly sewn and...
I recently sold a Brioni suit to a buyer in Greece. It sold for around $350 and I wanted it insured and signature confirmation but didn't get that option. I actually took it to the Post Office and they told me there still wouldn't be signature confirmation. I've also run into shipments last year where there was no express option at all. How do you handle that?
I just use calculated shipping for all international locations so each bidder sees the shipping cost in their own currency. Until I shifted to calculated shipping, I got questions on shipping cost on every pair of nice shoes I put up there. Now, if I get any questions, its "Will you ship first class instead of Priority".
One of the recurring questions that seems to get asked is "Who makes the Made in England braces?"  I've seen MW and JAB.   Ran into a new set.   B&G N.Y. on this hanger I assume refers to the hanger itself.         (Cell Phone pics, no flash. Much better camera in the iphone 6. )
I didn't know h&s even made denim.
That's sounds good. Thank you. I was looking for a drag and drop but from what you're saying, it doesn't exist for lightroom. Hence the export step, which is offset by the fact that you can bulk edit slides vs individual treatment in iphoto.
In my current setup, I shoot everything raw on a Canon t2i. I import into iphoto, create an album for each shot, crop the 1st photo and drag them into garagesale. garagesale downsizes and converts the file. Same with the desktop. If I've modified a photo in iphoto, I can drag it to the desktop and its converted to jpeg. Since iphoto is choking on the .nef format, I import those into lightroom. if I edit them and drag the edited photo from lightroom into the garagesale, it...
In switching to a new camera, I'm also switching to lightroom from iphoto because iphoto on my mac pukes on nikon raw format.   Right now, I don't see a way to move edited photos from lightroom to garagesale without doing a time consuming export from lightroom.   Anyone using lightroom and garagesale willing to share your workflow?
What I've started doing on these is measuring from the center back of the neck to the end of the sleeve. So for a size 42 overcoat, if I had a measurement of 35", I would give an "estimated" measurement of 20 shoulders and 25" sleeve length. don't know if this is right.
This is from an overcoat I picked up.   Any ideas on a specific maker based on this tag?  
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