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Have these Beretta Outdoor chinos to list. They are new, but the only think remotely resembling a tag is the dongle you see off the belt loop.    I'm thinking that listing as NWOT is the right way to go, but since there is something physically still attached from the store, I thought I would check the pulse of moving up to NWT.    Comments?  
My next order is going to replace the 6x3x3 with the 6x4x3. Some larger belts need more room. I think they're a penny more each.
Mine looks almost exactly like yours. drives me crazy. 
Awesome find!. You wouldn't know who made the PRL's would you?
Ours only take cash or CHECKS. The check writers are looked up by hand on a 50 page print out. I'd rather have my credit card hacked.  Sort of used to walking around with a big clip of cash in my pocket though.
Thanks.  Not my hand. Don't wear polish. ("Not that there's anything wrong with that") My wife was asking whether she should kop for me.  The reason I thought fake is that the lines weren't bleeding on the Gucci mark. lining and keep looked OK. 
OK. I have this nice suit, in 9.5/10 condition on the outside.    Unfortunately the lining has some pretty bad yellow underarm stains.      Is there a "method" for these type of biological stains? Have the dry cleaner give it a shot? List and disclose?   What do you guys do with interior staining?
you need the dickie and the banlon sweater to complete the look.
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