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bumping on the reality check
Yes, these are american-made. I have read about Ansewn but didn't know that they had been absorbed into the Rancourt family. Thanks,
Any idea on these PRL loafers?   I've seen these by Rancourt before, but these don't exactly match that.      
Guys, I need a reality check. Wes tells me Dunhill is heavily faked. I've had this a while but before I post it on ebay, just want to verify.    [[SPOILER]]
Los Angeles Jewish Women site on ebay has a pair of small Bottega Veneta I think they started at $30. a little TLC and they'd be nice.
Plain-toe Shortwing Monk strap slip-on.
last 7 days happened to get a number of NWT items:                 Ok, this one isn't new. Its a Hugo Boss cream colored seersucker. I'm only posting it because of the receipt I found in the pocket. Note the spelling of the establishment and the chintzy tip.    
Don't normally do vintage.....but.....Found yesterday in a local Goodwill. 1936 Tails....Melton wool, crossgrain lapels, zero moth nibbles. In some ways not as cool as the Michael Bastian Linen harrington jacket, but cooler because of the condition. [[SPOILER]]
I dabbed fiebings edge dressing on a cloth then wiped the sole and heel until it was even. Don't let it soak. just on/off...   Liquid polish would work, as would have a tan wax, but the wax would be shinier
Rare eThrift for myself. [[SPOILER]]
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