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Sherwin-Williams Duration paint in a matte finish. Just the untinted, pure white base paint.
I think if you pull the mannequin out a foot or so more away from the wall and shine a couple bright lights on the wall behind it, your results will greatly improve.Even as is, it is less distracting than the fabric.
 You'd know it if you had.
 I really like the way Wirecutter review products. http://thewirecutter.com/?s=dslr They recommend the D3300 as the best entry level DSLR and the D7100 as the best mid-range.
Most Colleges and businesses include the Pantone color of their logo in their press kit. Normally if you go to newsroom you will find a "styleguide" on using their name and logo.
 If you go with paint, take a look at Sherwin-Williams Duration paint in a matte finish. Just the untinted, pure base paint. Had a home theater builder recommend it for cheap projection screen with performance very close to pro screens. You'll need light on the wall behind your items to get the pure white background.
I would add AE Walnut. I seem to get more traction on English tan shoes than any other. I don't use Renovateur for basic shoes but I do for any shell or very high-end shoes. I use Lexol conditioner that I buy at walmart in the big spray bottle. I keep Alcohol and Acetone nearby (with wooden qtips) to remove prices off the bottom of the shoes. Bowling alley shoe disinfectant. Shoe Goo. A couple tubes of the cement that shoe repair people use. Edge dressing in black, brown,...
I built a spreadsheet based on brannock rules to calculate this. But then I found this website and started using it. http://web.archive.org/web/20071017074837/www.geocities.com/handy_feet/shoesize.html if all you have is the inside length of a shoe with a normal toe, then subtract .67" to get the foot length (more for pointy toes, less for rounder toes).
I did an easy pictorial on how to make these. You need a small drill, 2 hanger bolts, 2 cabinet pulls, a pair of pliers. Takes about 10 minutes to make a pair.
air-may-nay-Jil-do zān-ya gn is pronounced similar to spanish ñ e is pronounced similar to ā Accent normally on the pinultimate syllable
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