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yes. I have those myself. If you're planning to buy, The BB versions included an extra insole that makes them very tight. I had to go up a half-size in length and a letter in width.  I got mine on the 2 for $250 that AE does out of the shoe bank. 
the ones I've seen have all been Church's but if thats the original heel, its different than mine. These pics are from a pair I had in Feb. This heel and the markings on the sole are more of what I think of as a typical example of Churchs  
come on over. I'll even buy you dinner.
well, if they're flannel, he may have sold those somewhere else and he sent yours to that guy. So I'd definitely let him know, just in case. 
I do it all the time. Like when I list a suit, I have to select "large package/envelope" but when I ship, its RRA. So I've had that be almost $4 cheaper. 
Its confusing because Nordstrom and Mr. Porter both show a full size difference. Herring shows a half size difference. 
I've looked forward and seen other replies, but I'd give them a recognized US website. Nordstrom's is here: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/churchs-diplomat-cap-toe-oxford-men/3840105 
Peak lapels converted to notch by your mom?
You're right, the Hilburn stuff is well made. and made in that inco factory. but at about half the price. 
 Brian, thanks for raising this. I've also been seeing exact incotex copies coming from Tom James/ Corbin and others in the IAC umbrella all made in Chile.  snoogz had mentioned that Inco makes for zegna and others in Portugal. I confirmed that J. Hilburn, Zegna, Burberry, Gucci and 2 or 3 others are all made in that factory. J. Hilburn uses them exclusively for pants. Not sure if it is an inco factory or once they all contract as the shoe business in portugal is like that...
New Posts  All Forums: