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I have both colors as well. Isn't the leather Kudu? I like the wrinkles for the character.
I've had them about two years and they are on the 333 last.
So far, he has ignored my question so who knows. The jacket had no holes, stains, all the buttons were present so I don't know what he would claim. Just have to wait and see what he does.
Have my first SNAD this year. I don't mind the return, but the guy wont tell me what is wrong with the jacket. Just says not as described.   Is this winnable or is his lack of specificity work in his favor?   Return shipping:seller pays Return reason:Doesn't match description or photos Comments: Item is definitely not as described.
Mora Monk-strap Monday  
I would call it a gun club check.
CXL Kirkwoods for Casual Friday.  
Nope. got to move up to explorer to get over the 6000lb limit.
100% for me. I have a separate machine provided by work that I never use but it gives me the out.
one other thing. If money is tight, the lightroom app on the iphone has white balance and some other features to vastly improve iphone photos. I use Camera+ app myself, but these change all the time so just look for recent camera app recommendations. White balance and exposure management are the two keys to me. You can make do until you can afford a DSLR. But comb craigslist as stuff is constantly showing up there. Once you learn to use it, almost any digital camera will...
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