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I've seen the Floyd in Dallas, Kansas City, and Raleigh twice. The last album I bought was "On an Island". Quietly one of the most influential guitarists to come out of the 60's/70's. Last time I was at MSG I flew up for the Clapton/ Steve Winwood/ Blind Faith show. That's been a while ago. Enjoy it!
I would love for that to be the case, but these are a couple years old. I was told by a guy at the Zegna outlet in Orlando that they were made by a Ferragamo/ Zegna partnership, but I don't think he really knew. These are couture and don't say Limited Edition. It would make sense for Lattanzi to make the LE's.
I think that's a J. Hilburn tie.
I love those. I have these posted:  Of the 250 or so pairs of shoes I've thrifted, THESE are the ones I wish were size 11. (E. T. Wright. 9.5E) Alas, not to be. So I'll make do with these Zegna Couture monks.....Unfortunately, no LE box of goodies with them. .  
    I am trying to list these zegna sport shoes.   With this sole, it occurred to me they might be a golf shoe, but I find no evidence online.   Does anyone know if Zegna Sport had a golf line or is this a generic "dress" sneaker?
I'm on a committee with the guy in charge of this program for google. Its amazing how a half dozen cities motivated AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink to establish gigabit offers. brave new world. Its going to accelerate people who cut the cord and stream all their entertainment. ultimately a good thing. Gamers rejoice.
On the topic of sizes, this site is handy for calculating shoe size when the size is illegible. http://web.archive.org/web/20071017074837/www.geocities.com/handy_feet/shoesize.html on a normally shaped toe, take the inside measurement, subtract 2/3rds of an inch, and you have the approximate foot length. Plug that into the field and hit return and you get a result. In the case of a shoe that measures 11", plug 10.33 into the foot length field and you have a size 9 US shoe.
plug it into your new mac with an ethernet cable connecting them and retrieve the data using "target disk mode"
sorry but am catching up on a month of posts. The issue with switching platforms is the app situation. If you're just getting a smart phone, doesn't matter. If instead, you have 1000 songs you've bought on itunes, 30 novels, and 10 pages of apps, there is no reasonable way to get those to an android phone without a bunch of hassle. You can take your songs and burn them to a cd, thereby removing encryption and load them to a machine that can load your android. I don't know...
I may be just a wee bit impatient today. Message from ebay shopper bpromma:  "Do these shoes come from a smoke free home? Are you the original owner? Is there any visible glue marks or mid sole separation? Is this item returnable? Thanks for your time hope to hear back from you."  [[SPOILER]] I'm thinking of a preemptive block just so I don't have to hear what carefully contrived reason he will come up with to avoid paying shipping. Maybe that's the reason he asks about...
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