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I've never seen one in person so have no comparison. But assume fake first until proven otherwise
In the field. Assume this is fake but is real leather. No returns [IMG]
get one of those tag guns. really cheap and put it back on. Another tip from @txwoodworker that he shared a few years ago.
It is way more work. I have templates built in a program called collageit that I use. I wanted to show all the surfaces, and be visible in the ebay gallery on mobile devices. When I started, a suit was 20 photos, the garagesale limit. Now, despite knowing its a waste of time, I do the collages. I have had a few notes from people thanking me for showing all the surfaces, but don't know if I have ever sold anything because of the extra shots.   And on the topic of measuring...
do you import this somehow into GarageSale? I keep thinking I'm going to have time to figure that out, but so far, nothing. I also have a measurement spread sheet, but I print them out and write them by hand.
I think the last time I wore size 32 dress pants was 7th grade. Had to go.
Posting these PRL pants. Never seen a pair with these details:Besides the obvious 067 Crown embroidery- The half-moon cutaway for the change pocket- the outside the waistband braces buttons- the onseam pockets with the chevron finish stitching- the rear daks adjuster- button-fly front oh, and NWOT, never hemmed. Gotta think these will appeal to the 'lo heads out there. Currently NA  [[SPOILER]]
OK guys, occasionally I come up on recurring issues that I figure affect most ebay sellers. If I find a decent solution, I try to share it. I know you big sellers don't spend much time repairing things, but I replace every broken or missing button and try to make simple repairs. In this case, its finding a hole. It happens to everyone. you check it 18 times in the store trying to find that one spot with decent lighting, but when you get it home and boom!. There's a hole....
The only thing I will say is that when you print out a single label, it reverts to the auction number from ebay and ignores your preference. Not a crisis since its only one number, but a glitch none-the-less.
While not approaching the elegance of the Dr. Livingston packaging, here is what my process is.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: