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OK guys.....one of the advantages of being older is that you are in a position to give and get really nice christmas gifts.    So thanks to my wife for this great d7100 bundle she gave me for christmas. I'm very early in the learning curve and can't use it for eBay yet, but its an awesome machine and I'm looking forward to using it. Came with a couple zoom lenses, but on the search for a nice pre-owned 35mm f1.8 AF lens.     
1st, I would go to checkaflip.com and see what items like yours have sold for. When I started out I bought 3 polo shirts from a brand I knew and thought was high end. I think the only polo that actually sold was a Loro Piana polo that I consigned to brianpore. If I recall, he got $45 for it. A quick check of what has sold is that L!ve go for $15ish, Lacoste go for $20, and Southern Tide go for $25. that seems to be the working average. 1. If you plan to try ebay in the...
Damn if I see the need to be humble about it.- I would take out an ad in the times with a photo of the results and get more consigners.- Maybe hire the rockettes to make a video advertising luxeswap.- add a ducati to the stable (though I prefer the motoguzzi griso)Congrats.
I think my best find of the year was this woman's belt buckle. Some things went for more (including suits that sold for $980 and $843 on a basis of under $10 USD), but this one stands out because of its unique nature.   Christopher Ross 24K gold plated sculpted belt buckle.   Paid $1.40. Sold for $257.  
Its seems the predominant theory here is to use cash accounting method for this business. There are a couple CPA's on the forum. Simply stated, all cash spent in pursuit of business, including inventory acquisition, supplies, advertising, tools, equipment et al, vs income. If you go back to post 8176 and read thru till new years eve post from last year, there is an ongoing conversation about it.  
that was my exact thought on the original post. Heck, a lot of new sets give you hybrids until you get to a 4 iron.
Did not know that. Now you've got me wanting to spring for one of those.
  Thanks for taking the time to explain that. I've evolved through trial and error and reading online. I am not sure I understand everything you said here, but I will work on it. my bulbs in  the softboxes are 45w CFLs @6500K. I had ordered some 12" by 30" soft boxes for the rear application but they sent 24" x 30" and didn't have the narrow ones, so I've kept the larger ones. I have realized I needed to fix the flare on the sides of items, which I had planned to do by...
Guys,   Trying to ship a suit to greece and ebay tool won't give me an express option. I know some of you only ship express. Is this a setting I've somehow messed up? I can do it from the post office site, but if I do it from ebay, its $44 vs $56 at the post office.   Any ideas?   jb
Right! totally agree. I have 10 CFL's in the 2 clouds and 2 4ft tubes focused on the backdrop. I get a pretty reasonable white background....not perfectly white. But even though I want that, I think the next step would be offsetting the backdrop from the wall 6" or so and using a flash/synchro. That would take me a while to figure out and just not sure its worth it for me. On a semi-related note, I got a nice message from a buyer today. I'm sure he tells this to all the...
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