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this was my first thought as well.
I would post it on the forums at iwascoding. they're really good about answering. apple gets a cut of in-app purchases so they may have restricted it in the app store version.
Dude, you always amaze me. Geneology roles? Spelling is different but has to be the same guy. Still, during the war, most tailors were sewing uniforms, so I still favor pre-war for this because after the war they were in the east. the amazing part? not a moth nibble anywhere on this thing. thanks
Any ideas for a date on these tails. Heavy Melton Wool. German I assume. Just from the label, it could be anywhere from 30's onward. The town would have been in east germany so I'm favoring pre-1945 germany. Looks like mainly handsewn details like the collar attachment.  [[SPOILER]]
the raw files are big and I didn't find it was faster to use a wireless card and reverted to just moving cards back and forth. they probably have faster cards now...
Get a white card and set the white balance. I have stuff I shoot on the mannequin and 2 shots I shoot flat and the white balance is different between the two set ups. If you shoot everything on your mannequin, the white balance should be similar and you can just set it in your camera once. Just because you get closer, the wb shouldn't change. However, the closer I move I need a slightly longer exposure. my work flow is to import from the sd card into lightroom and...
the alien bees have built in flash sync so if your camera flash is on, it should trigger the ab's. I just have my flash turned down on my camera to where it triggers the strobes. Canon includes a desktop app that supports air sync but if your camera doesn't have wifi built in, you'll need a special memory card that has it. They also have apps on phones and tablets that will let you trigger your camera. I avoided the lazy susan by putting small casters on the feet of the...
I checked this morning and they have a pre-released version on this thread that seems to have fixed the Drag and Drop from Photos.
The problem is only when you drag from apple's photos app to GS. It works from the finder.
This broke in Mac OS Sierra (10.12) and they told me they couldn't fix it without a change from apple. my work around is to toggle to the "editor" view and at the right hand side, you can drag and drop photos, though it doesn't keep your order intact and you have to re-adjust. That's the only way it is working for me right now.
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