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Decided to focus on working down my shoe inventory. I know there are guys here who look for USA wingtips. As I work thru the piles, I'll post here with size. All available for cost plus shipping. These are the first 4 pair. I've also got these up on ebay, but unless they attract a bid, I don't mind pulling them.   Just send me a PM.   First are these from American Gentleman, which was a line made in Lynchburg, VA by the Craddock-Terry Shoe Company (formerly Hamilton...
I don't get this. My previous best sale for a belt was a croc for $65. Boss for $72?
Ok. Won't be impressive to you guys. Last day of vacation, I took my grand kids to buy sneakers. Bought myself these: Why? These are copies of the first pair of non-bball sneakers I got when these were originally issued in the 70s. I had always had chucks or clydes. Then these. They also had air huarache bball shoes reissued from 1990 ish. I didn't need them because I still have my originals.
J. Hilburn if no one else replied.
I sold a pair of shoes a couplee weeks ago to a guy in Sweden. Tool wouldn't let me do express international. I'm surprised that 1st world countries aren't on the usps list of express. Guy in cypress bought a brioni suit for almost $400. Same thing.How are you guys doing express international?
I had this happen this week. A pair of old English tan longwings by Florsheim. By day 3, the bidding was up to $82. They sold for $82. Plus $53 express shipping to the UK.
I do both. I put a bid there so I'm on the board. I usually set it about 20% under my max but If it's something I absolutely gotta have, I put an unbeatable price into esnipe.
Nope. Both are owned by Individualized Apparel, who also own Holland & Sherry, Corbin, Gitman Brothers, H. Freeman and a few more companies. A Tom James rep can sell you an oxxford suit, but it is made by Oxxford. The USA-made Tom James are made in Maryland by the English American suit factory. Tom James Ventura starts at $3200 and an Oxxford starts at $5000 ish. They've changed some things but the ones that are fully canvassed are the Ventura and royal classic in the...
TODS for Ferrari. Size 8.5M.  
that size sells well. My last pair that size went to Japan.
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