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The walmart by my house needs a fleet manager they have so many.
Thrift Synergy, but yours are in MUCH better shape.   Also, part of the value of this forum. This was a brand I had never heard of, but when I saw it, I vaguely remembered @jompso mentioning it in a previous posting from months before. Its already sold. So shout out to Jompso and to the larger forum in general. 
amen. I've started taping the long seam on a RRA box because my last batch seems to pop randomly. All about limiting risk.
I'll take some tonight.
Picked up a pair of Shockoe jeans. Never heard of them, but they were very well-made and seemed like they weigh 25 pounds.   I know more about them now, but don't know if they are valued by you streetwear guys. Also, picked up a pair of Cone Mills production sample jeans. I know many companies use cone for their denin, but I seem to recall that they are considered above average to nice, but not top tier or grail status......Can you guys add some color commentary?
Congrats on how you've grown your business!
For me, very good week. Was on a trip and managed to thrift the final day before going home. In the 2 years I've been thrifting, I have exactly 2 jackets that have fit without major alterations. One a tweed Oxxford that needed the left sleeve shortened and a NWT New Label Canali that needed both sleeves taken up. Nothing ever fits. At a normally disappointing Savers,  while heading to the shoes, I did a quick scan of the jackets and see a nice tweed jacket.  Upon...
 Head's up: 42 L Caruso suit (jacket):
ah. I don't ship 1st class international. (if someone asks, I will do it to Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, and nordics, depending on the value of the shoes).  everything is Priority, moving to Express if ebay does it from within the system. plus about 1/5 pair of shoes I have done goes international. When this happens, I don't re-pack the shoes. I grab blank shipping labels and stick them over the Priority mail Identifiers. EDIT: Brian's method is easier......I'm buying...
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