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I'm too late, but I would have checked out DHL. They've got most of europe covered better than anyone else.
That's actually what I did last night. I was looking for a way to start a return, but short of opening a case myself, I didn't find a way to do it. So as loong as he doesn't open one, I'm happy. 2nd chance offer is mulling over taking the coat so its fine.
He just sent it back with a note. didn't open a return.
it only appears more saturated on the ipad because the pattern is tighter. when I blow it up on the ipad to the same grid size, its the same.
Harness Leather and Surcingle Insert belt. Probably brass buckle with nickel finish.
Got my first return in a couple of months today.   "Color didn't match photos". Popped up my ipad showing the live ebay photo and laid the jacket in front under the photo lights.       "Didn't match" my ass.
Macy's has a bunch of Free People on-sale 25% off the marked down price. don't know if there's a style there you want.
Thrifted for me by my wife.   Her: "Is $17.50 too much for a Brioni suit?"   Me: "How many moth holes?"   Her: "None"   Charcoal Chalk Stripe DB, ventless. Not Ideal, but I'll take it. I have customer that has me on the look out for Italian 42L suits, so he gets dibs.      
I do too. Was contemplating a large order from china but ended up getting enough from local stores and a bit less than $1 per pair.
Back in the day the Hub was a upper tier men's store in North Carolina. Not high end. But better than average.  Had a series of stores. I used to buy suits there. Mainly HSM, Pierre Cardin, YSL, Nino etc. They're still in business but are mainly online now. That store tag is older than any of the designs I remember and I bought my first suit from them in '84. On your coat, definitely orphan in my mind. Cerruti were known for their fabrics back then, sort of like Zegna is...
New Posts  All Forums: