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Picked up this Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Custom Tailored Blazer last week. It has a golden fleece button that I haven't seen before that mimics some of the corneliani and brioni buttons I've seen.  I need 6 or 8 more for the sleeves of the coat. Have you guys seen these before? Anyone have any they'd sell?    [[SPOILER]]
I put the unsold ones in a single folder, select them all as one, press relist button. If you want them to relist at a specific time, just call up the 2nd tab of the info page and plug in the time and hit relist. It will load them up.  Sign up for the user group on yahoo. GarageSale_Users. probably 5-6 emails a day but usually informative and they give you links for downloads and the software designers answer questions directly and on 2 occasions have written a quick...
That's a helluva good couple of days.
shoeluv, you and I would have shoe fights. that last is a bit short so you need to go up a half size. 
those are my beaters. 11E.  I go through a pair a year. New, not thrifted. Last pair I got I wasn't thrifting yet.
Still think his hook out of the woods on 17 2 years ago was one of the top 2-3 shots I've ever seen.  Never seen your fit pic in overalls sans shirt though.......   [[SPOILER]]   Seriously, I had the chance to meet up with Wes and Dustin (thanks guys) last week in Baltimore for lunch.......I tried to convince him to meet at the Waffle House but the commute was too far...... only about 45 minutes each way.
Speaking of lovers of Waffle House......Have you seen Bubba Watson celebrating his master's win by taking his friends to waffle house? http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/04/bubba-watson-waffle-house-masters/
Don't buy any mac that is still on core2duo or powerpc architecture. Preferably, don't buy a laptop from before the 1Q2011 processor updates. everymac.com is a good source.  Beyond that, doesn't matter mini, iMac, laptop or tower. max out the memory, replace the HDD with a SSD, and you'll have a fast machine that won't make you wait to process items.  GarageSale is the best solution I found when I was looking, mac or pc. Some stuff about it is incredibly un-user friendly,...
sometimes. Last year I won an almost new Joseph Aboud suit the guy bought to be in a wedding. I won it for a dollar plus shipping. Guy was totally nice about it.  I think I sent him $20 plus shipping.  Was worth it to me. Karma. Same reason I refund excess shipping. But this is why I set my start price to something I will be happy with if I only get a single bid. 
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