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and they have a "good" marshall's on the strip beside the MGM grand. below street level. Only one I've been in that carried black fleece, charvet, and the most impossibly light 1/4 lined navy blazer by Loro Piana (which I passed on for $1000). every other one I've been in the best was BB Irregular ties.
Thanks. I looked at a number of the Mabro labels and hadn't seen this one. All the ones I saw had the sizing on the lower right in the corneliani/ Canali style. Appreciate the call.
Hoping for some help on this label. From a 2000's era Prada suit. Feels fully canvassed to me, but could be half.   Thread suggested their suits were done by Belvest or Cantarelli with Scuderi as an outlier suggestion. This didn't match any of these I saw.    
I have a jacket posted with this label. I don't know anything about the brand. Does anyone know anything about it? Only other tag is the union tag. I even tried to find the TM info on PDC, TDC and more but never could find it.   Guessing this is from late 70's.  
Just send him a note explaining that you can only ship to paypal address on file. If he hasn't updated that to his new address, you'll wait to ship it until he confirms it has been updated.
Have you ever been in the middle of photographing something and you find that you need to remove some soiling? You try to scratch it off with your fingernail and if that doesn't work you look for a wet solution which means delaying the photos of a specific item?   Well, in looking for a dry solution, I started using an unorthodox tool.   Here's an example of the result. Before:     After (about 3 minutes):     The Tool?:     I got the idea to try it...
It absolutely will NOT work on a mac with the ebay postage software. There is zero compatability. Dymo software will work with normal programs formatted to the label. It will not work with the pitney bowes software/ java based app. I have heard there is an $80 third party app that will work and that if you use bulk shipping, it creates PDF's that will print. I will try to find the third party.
Recent Items for me.           Plus, on a business trip I had 4 hours between meetings and hit 2 stores and my best tie haul ever. 33 ties between 2 stores. Plus 30% senior citizen discount day...... Ties are all NA until I sort out how I will re-work my tie wardrobe.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: