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Actually, in terms of wall real estate, That isn't too bad. It looks to me like its 58-60" wide and 8.5-9' tall. I'm guessing the doors are 24 or 28" which would mean  with them both open, they'd be a foot apart. That's plenty of room but you'll have to gear up for anything not on a mannequin. I would mount a 4 foot fixture above the closet doors trim.., follow handershunds pattern of the side lights (same flourescents as troffer x 3), and invest $70 into 2 clouds for the...
A few things from this week and a trip 2 weeks ago. Maybe my favorite jacket since I've been thrifting. Burberrys Gun-club check. Made in West Germany, so at least 24 years old. (anyone know who made based on the tag?) a broken button on the sleeve is the only flaw on this thing.    [[SPOILER]]  Corneliani. Love the fabric on this one. Flannel with gold pin.   Eddie Bauer Shearling Rancher Coat, my 2nd Shearling in 3 days of thrifting this week.   BB Loro Piana Rain System...
what are you looking for? Lace up? Loafer? What size are you. I guarantee you that with the inventories of the people who will read your post today, there will be 20 options for cheap or trade.   People on SF rag on Cole Haan and Johnston and Murphy, but if I was in the market for new shoes and had under $100, I'd start at a Cole Haan or a J&M Outlet. If you're only wearing these occasionally, they'll last a long time. People talk about how much longer a fine shoe like...
Nice sale Dan!
It was a frank and oak corduroy blazer, size 36.An item my wife saw and brought home. Zero signs of wear, but probably retailed for under $200 originally.
Messaged me after the auction ended with successful sale. This is my first one of these. ID is amlundqvist. Based in Sweden. I'm hoping there are some things that got lost in translation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Jebarne: Because of an unpaid item strike I couldn't bid on this, but I'd like to...
Let me say that is a FANTASTIC shirt. I also like the paisley dobby.
I'm too late, but I would have checked out DHL. They've got most of europe covered better than anyone else.
That's actually what I did last night. I was looking for a way to start a return, but short of opening a case myself, I didn't find a way to do it. So as loong as he doesn't open one, I'm happy. 2nd chance offer is mulling over taking the coat so its fine.
He just sent it back with a note. didn't open a return.
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