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This broke in Mac OS Sierra (10.12) and they told me they couldn't fix it without a change from apple. my work around is to toggle to the "editor" view and at the right hand side, you can drag and drop photos, though it doesn't keep your order intact and you have to re-adjust. That's the only way it is working for me right now.
I have another case where the post office has all the delivery information yet the buyer claims it was never received. I went to the post office yesterday and got the extremely detailed tracking, including a pic of the delivery location.   Buyer doesn't have the parcel, I have the money and the confirmation.   While I should win this case, how else can I help the buyer. Insurance won't apply. Will ebay cover it?   jb
things that make you go hmmmm.     Can't break $70 on a mainline versace suit, but this goes for $127........
Mebane's an hour away.
2nd SNAD this year/ month. I sold a jpeterman leather vest. Buyer returns it as not as described for the following: "Photos show the front, as it should be, with the leather of the vest going to the top of the shoulder. Instead the back paisley lining comes over the top of the shoulder down to the collar bone. Vest was improperly made. Perhaps a second." As you can see in the photos, it fits my mannequin fine without any overlap and the shoulder seam fell naturally along...
Last week I posted a SNAD where the buyer simply said "not as described".   After three messages, he finally responded "Not a 44L"   In my listing I have "This jacket isn’t tagged a size so it is sold on the basis of the provided measurements, which suggest a size 44L."   and my provided measurements are:   Chest - Pit to Pit = 23" Waist = 22" Sleeve - From Shoulder to Center Cuff = 27 1/2 +~1.75” to let out Shoulders - From Seam to Seam = 20" Length from...
I have both colors as well. Isn't the leather Kudu? I like the wrinkles for the character.
I've had them about two years and they are on the 333 last.
So far, he has ignored my question so who knows. The jacket had no holes, stains, all the buttons were present so I don't know what he would claim. Just have to wait and see what he does.
Have my first SNAD this year. I don't mind the return, but the guy wont tell me what is wrong with the jacket. Just says not as described.   Is this winnable or is his lack of specificity work in his favor?   Return shipping:seller pays Return reason:Doesn't match description or photos Comments: Item is definitely not as described.
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