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a clean shop towel (rough texture). elbow grease. once it was totally smooth, I added alcohol in doses to remove the dark spots. on a couple of spots I used acetone.  Thats why I was experimenting on a $4 pair of shells. 
My latest shell reclamation project. Pair of tired and neglected Aristocrafts.    About 3 coats of leather conditioner, inside as well, a solid half-hour to remove much of the polish build-up, and a shine. Much softer now and more flex.   After:     Before/after - other views
 I think your pic's will save the day, however something isn't quite right with the measurements. the inside dimension is dead on for a US12. 
In which case, I would send it Express.
Yes. I totally agree. In the exact opposite meaning you intend. 
I never feel bad about seeking profit. As long as its legal (and some legal stuff I wouldn't do) and I'm straight with a buyer.  Take away profit, the world stops in-place. I hear people say "I really don't work for the money, I love what I do", but every single time a company decides to stop paying them, they go somewhere else where they get paid. So it is for the money for 99.9% of us.  Even the non-profits. Its about money. the couple who own the eastern NC GW franchise...
Some of it depends on the value of the item.  My first class international threshold is $30. If it gets lost, I would eat that amount. Any more, I want ensured and tracked. 
Anyone have any experience with the D7100? As I understand it, the AF engine is in the body and enables re-use of many older lenses.
Not incotex. I've had them make some things for me. More of a zegna level quality than incotex. I can probably ask and find out. I still have $300-$400 in my account waiting on me to pick out something.
I've wondered this too because I recently saw an article that suggested the automatic relist doesn't jump you back up in the ratings. I've changed my BINOBO's to start Friday night and end Sundays on a 30 day auction.  No idea yet if it really matters. 
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