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I saw Mr. Porter is going to have a line of clothes from the movie.
Speaking of dogs, my wife made me watch Subaru commercials last night on Youtube with the dog family. I cracked up at the one with the poodle in the crosswalk and the bathroom break at the quik stop. My thought was that the creative meeting where this was proposed had to be a riot as they threw out various ideas for these. Don't get a chance to see a lot of TV and when I do its dvr'd.
If I had to guess, these were custom made for a guy with ms or Parkinson's or something. Same when you see a high end shirt with fake buttos and Velcro.Not trying to bum everyone out, just saying there will be a reason.
HVO, what a great job on content and photo quality. Congrats.
Closest I ever came to a white christmas was when I lived in Dallas. Snowed about 2 inches on the 23rd. 73 degrees on the 24th.
My comment was regarding Saks brand, meaning house branded stuff doesn't sell. As to the fabric, while you may turn away, for others it is definitely a selling point. Look at all the titles featuring Loro Piana fabric. Why is that in so many titles? It raises the hits and the value. Take any BB suit, but make it Loro Piana, Trabaldo Togna or Saxxony and it will sell faster and for more. Or maybe its just me.
Haven't found anything totally awesome recently, but some decent things.   Also, from the third item on, using a new backlit backdrop.                
This one is trofeo fabric and looks like a lardini tag so I would have picked it up. I find all the saks brand stuff does poorly unless unique or vintage. If you're buying it to flip, it still gets you the key word searches.
guys,   I recently took a coat to my tailor and in pressing it, he grabbed a tool off the wall, stuck it in the sleeve and then pressed it. Since sleeve ironing has come up here before, I thought I'd order one and do a quick post.   Tool is basically 2 pieces of shaped wood with a spring in between.   This pic shows it fully expanded.     This photo shows a sleeve of a cotton/poly rain coat that is very wrinkled when I got it.   This photo shows the same...
Shred no, play yes.....but did learn sweep picking, palm muting, and other techniques. When I was 30, my wife gave me a strat like the one David Gilmour was playing at the time (red one). Told me I needed a hobby that would keep me home. She now regrets it as it turned into 15 guitars, 2 basses, amps, keyboards, drums, a 5 year stint in a wedding band, a 14x20 sound proof recording studio/ rehearsal area with separate ISO booth and more. I've backed off it in the last 4-5...
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