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Interesting review of clothes steamers:   http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-clothing-steamers/
Thanks,   I rebuilt the listing using the online editor instead of Garage sale and got the same result. So I started removing words from the title, and got the error with all combinations of the wording.   I ended up calling ebay and they told me it doesn't have to be in the title, and often are in the condition description.   It turned out I had some information about how I pack and ship in the condition detail (to explain that it will arrive with wrinkles) that...
Using GS7 and getting an error on this title:   Edit: Error on 2 listings   POLO RALPH LAUREN Cotton Pique Patchwork Polo Shirt Cap-Sleeves Pullover Size M PAUL SMITH Cotton Pique Solid Polo Shirt Cap-Sleeves Pullover Lavender Size L   The error is:   The item cannon be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of ebay policy.   Standard 10 day auction format.   Do you guys see...
sigh. 8:30 and it already starts. Nothing like accepting an offer and receiving a lower offer after acceptance.   "Hi. Thanks for accepting my offer. I need you to change it, though, so that shipping is included."  
I have a customer looking for Gordon Yao Coats or Suits.   This guy has bought a jacket (50L), 3 ties, and 3 cuff links in the last week, paying $175 BIN on the jacket and BIN on the other prices.   If you have something, PM me and I will send him your way on ebay.   jb
have the same one. Love it. It has batteries, camera, flash, pins, etc all where you need it. $30 US is a deal. jb
Listing ideas for these Patchwork loafers by D&G?
I should add, that unless I'm in a hotel, I always do submissions wired. 1000bt. Plugged in. Yep. connected. The refresh speed on GarageSale can be slow as can the uploads. Going back a couple months, @HandersHund posted about getting a new iMac with the 27" screen and asked about broadband extensions (which all suck to one degree or another. see http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/). I took my own advice and went to AT&T and told them I was moving carriers. Result? They came...
I only charge it if I paid the original shipping which I do for everything except shoes, where I use calculated.
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