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I know that Wes already answered this, but if you go to this guys blog, he has a comprehensive, interactive gallery of shoe styles. I'm afraid he's eventually abandon it so I've saved the page, not the descriptions.  http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/?p=173
I have the brother 2270 preloaded with labels. that's all it does. I print scan forms on the HP on plain paper. Plus I use the HP to feed the 1-off labels when I have half-sheet left over. the HP has the scanner/copier function.    Office depot has the 2280 for $100 right now. http://www.officemax.com/technology/printers/laser-printers/product-prod3490602?cm_mmc=CJ-_-dealnews.com-_-OfficeMax+-+Homepage-_-552179&affcode=CJ
I recently saw a hickey freeman from late 70s that was a customized HF. Same label. union tag and an uncompleted custom tag.
^^ one thing Wes gets in His photos is the jersey detail on the mannequin. Getting that detail and the right exposure on black and navy is rare. The washout on the neck is the indicator to me that it's over exposed. I end up post reducing the shadow control to get both
what settings did you end up with?
on the canon they have spot metering and evaluative metering, plus a setting for how it factors in background light.  I switched to spot metering, aimed at the darkest part of the jacket and then snapped. Until I did that I used a lightroom filter I ran on all shadows. I finally set everything to manual, snapped at 3 stops on either side of the 0 point and use that as a reference. Some people say the gray card is the key to getting that exposure right, but I've tried it on...
Mine open automatically and I forget until I see the note come in saying a case was open. Can you set up a note that auto-sends when the case gets opened?
I thought it was the new merc.Edit. Nevermind
I saw you had that listed. Must be a forum first.
I think your photo setting is nice, but where you're set up has a couple of issues.  The line of your deck creates a focal point up on that corner. its light against dark plus the angle creates a 2nd dynamic taking your eye there. My inclination would be to move the mannequin up to the area I targeted and try to have the leafy background be 100% of what the viewer sees in the background.  Also, in direct sun, you're getting a lot of sheen on you photos. that same corner in...
New Posts  All Forums: