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Can I get a reality check on these Prada sneakers?    
thanks. I hate to call it tweed as its a silk blend and lighter than it looks. adding tweed makes it sound heavy.
Thrifting brethren.   Needs some help on this weave. Like a large end-on-end. two primary colors in the weave are a black and an almost copper, but the affect is brown.  
Can I get some ideas on a listing title for these gucci full strap loafers? I was going to work in the Chisel-toe monk strap but they're not actually monks.   size 6.5.     merci.
all sales benefit the fight against ovarian cancer.
I had assumed fake, so had already left it. No worries about being obnoxious. I never resent advice from someone who knows more about it than I do.  I need to go to a store where they sell them so I can handle them. Until I do, I just end up leaving stuff like that. thanks for the offer.  I found prada men's pants before, and a pair of red prada stiletto's that got immediately appropriated by a friend of my wifes, but never a bag.  jb
I've never seen one in person so have no comparison. But assume fake first until proven otherwise
In the field. Assume this is fake but is real leather. No returns [IMG]
get one of those tag guns. really cheap and put it back on. Another tip from @txwoodworker that he shared a few years ago.
It is way more work. I have templates built in a program called collageit that I use. I wanted to show all the surfaces, and be visible in the ebay gallery on mobile devices. When I started, a suit was 20 photos, the garagesale limit. Now, despite knowing its a waste of time, I do the collages. I have had a few notes from people thanking me for showing all the surfaces, but don't know if I have ever sold anything because of the extra shots.   And on the topic of measuring...
New Posts  All Forums: