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CPA's on this forum have repeatedly stated that using the cash basis, you can just look at outlay for inventory in-year vs revenue in-year guide you. Using the non-cash basis, you have all this complicated inventory carry forward that is hard for those of us without an inventory tracking system to manage.
I use the 400 turbo and it works fine with generic labels. I use the 2.25x7 (99019 is the part number) labels that I buy off amazon. I print all my labels in one pass and my stock number prints out in fine print on the label and I match that to the label on the box. (I prepack everything after photos) Haven't had any problems with it. They scan fine at the post office.   International still requires full-size labels.
 Loake is also making for the Peal label and usually the sub $500 shoes are in fact loake. Loake's heel is different than this but for BB, they can specify what they want.
My standard condition disclaimer on wrinkles and cleaning: This item will ship, carefully folded and placed into a plastic bag to protect it when shipping. It is then shipped in a US Postal Service Box. When you receive it, it will likely have wrinkles. Hanging the jacket for several days will likely release many of the wrinkles. As with any pre-owned item, you should have this professionally dry cleaned prior to wearing.
I would take close ups of every flaw and mention them in the item details. I can't tell if that is leather but if it is, I would touch up those areas with a very small amount of shoe polish.
I use everlance but if you want it to automatically track, I think they charge a fee now.
My guess is that repair would run $80-100.
I would not pay to have them shortened. You never know who will want it and almost anyone will need the sleeves adjusted.
thanks, I'll give it a shot
I guess ebay won't let you change an auction to a BIN format.   I've heard people say there is a way to accept the highest bid on an item. How is that done?
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