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I apologize for the delay, but don't check here but about once a week. That is a Holland & Sherrry from their 2011 SherryKash collection. Don't remember the number, but I believe it was called a brown gun-club check.
shoot big as hell RAW on nikon. Edit them as required in lightroom, which is basically pre-built into my import settings. . I let Garagesale do the downscaling of the photos. Once the return period is over, I delete the raw files, and hang onto the jpgs from Garage sale.
Didn't notice a reply, but the fact you've probably gotten 20 PM's about them have confirmed it for you.  [[SPOILER]]
 I see this and I wonder, "Who would buy something like this?" But if I ever see it, I should always think "Wes will get more for this than I got for my last Brioni"
My question is how did you break into Wes's vault and get this?
That's a great look. Which fabric is that? I was looking at having this one made for me just last night.  
also depends on how expensive the shirt is. I've bought a bunch of buttons from Benno's in the dallas area as they have almost every high-end replacement button out there, including the 2 button style that Eton uses. But I likewise don't fool around with a chipped or otherwise fully functional button. I just replace the ones that aren't functional. The laser etched ones are a bitch though. I recently bought a paul smith shirt at GW just to get the buttons.
Nothing to be jealous about. I think I've found a Canali dress shirt and a Zegna camp shirt in my home territory this year. However, PRL, BB, J. Crew, BR, Kirkland, Alan Flusser are plentiful.
^^And worse, ebay print tool only supported 1st Class International. Had to go to Paypal tool to ship Priority. But, bright side is they fit in a flat rate padded envelope and I refunded the $17 difference anyway.   If the post office has a service, ebay should let the tool support it. If they need to drop the discount for "non-supported" services, do it. It is more convenient to use bulk shipping than have to go try a couple other sites.
New one for me. Buyer in Aruba, doesn't want a box but also didn't ask for cheaper shipping or a discount. Hmmmmm   "hi, please send the shoes only in the sack, no box,no tags or anything else and mark them as used shoes, thank you very much"
New Posts  All Forums: