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a few month ago I mentioned finding shockoe denim. @Nataku suggested I post photos. This week, they finally made it to the process pile. So here goes. (both pair are posted so technically available here until I have a bid online). Shockoe Atelier. Size 40W/35L. Yes, finished inseam is 35". Not sure about raw, or indigo, or whatever these are, but the jeans weigh a bit over 2 pounds by themselves, without any packing materials.     [[SPOILER]]   Cone Mills Production...
I use the Uline 6x4x3. I was using the 6x3x3 but they were tight on some belts and I didn't want to stock 2 sizes of box. Uline seems to vary, but I usually buy whichever one they have the low/standard price. for example, today their 6x4x4 is .24/box in quantities over 25. to get my normal box, I'd have to buy 500 to get that price. But yes, I hate their shipping prices too. But they make up for it in service. When I was box shopping, they sent me 7-8 candidates for me to...
Its a combination of 2 things. How desirable is your item and how desperate are you to sell it. However, your BIN also has to be in the range of reasonable. That said, if someone offered a lower price than I had previously rejected and countered, I'd reject it out of hand. Lots of guys here use the strategy of making low ball offers and frequently win nice items with them. In fact, I seem to recall that someone mentioned that he wanted to be a little embarrassed by his...
I've had them make some things for me and the tag was identical to a suit they made for me last year.
And I'm starting to feel like I'm opening my own AE store. Again, all posted, so technically available.           How many styles of bicycle-toe shoes does AE sell? I think I have 4 different ones right now.   Also didn't know they re-used names.                        Manchester LW loafers     Never seen short wings WITHOUT perforations until these. Marlow.           Sanford        
Other recent shoes: All posted, so technically available.         Cheaney for Lloyd & Haig     Cole Haan, made in Maine           ET Wright USA   Façonnable            
Decided to focus on working down my shoe inventory. I know there are guys here who look for USA wingtips. As I work thru the piles, I'll post here with size. All available for cost plus shipping. These are the first 4 pair. I've also got these up on ebay, but unless they attract a bid, I don't mind pulling them.   Just send me a PM.   First are these from American Gentleman, which was a line made in Lynchburg, VA by the Craddock-Terry Shoe Company (formerly Hamilton...
I don't get this. My previous best sale for a belt was a croc for $65. Boss for $72?
Ok. Won't be impressive to you guys. Last day of vacation, I took my grand kids to buy sneakers. Bought myself these: Why? These are copies of the first pair of non-bball sneakers I got when these were originally issued in the 70s. I had always had chucks or clydes. Then these. They also had air huarache bball shoes reissued from 1990 ish. I didn't need them because I still have my originals.
J. Hilburn if no one else replied.
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