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Mora Monk-strap Monday  
I would call it a gun club check.
CXL Kirkwoods for Casual Friday.  
Nope. got to move up to explorer to get over the 6000lb limit.
100% for me. I have a separate machine provided by work that I never use but it gives me the out.
one other thing. If money is tight, the lightroom app on the iphone has white balance and some other features to vastly improve iphone photos. I use Camera+ app myself, but these change all the time so just look for recent camera app recommendations. White balance and exposure management are the two keys to me. You can make do until you can afford a DSLR. But comb craigslist as stuff is constantly showing up there. Once you learn to use it, almost any digital camera will...
Just a note on this topic. If you're in need of a large thrifting vehicle, the tax law allows you to deduct $25000 plus accelerated depreciation on a new vehicle with a loaded weight of 6000 pounds. porche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and HSE, explorer, GL series mercs and many more vehicles qualify. It has to be new, purchased from a dealer. For a vehicle used 100% for business, I think the first year write-off caps at around $34,000 against income. My mileage averages...
My view is yes. Stores aren't always in the best neighborhoods and in my area GW doesn't take cards so its reasonable to assume that someone shopping here has cash in the pocket. If it is something that facilitates the operation of your enterprise, you could expense it. If you were going to a warehouse to pick up a shipment of suits and hired a security guard to accompany you, that would be deductible.
Founded in 1923 on lower Fifth Avenue, Dunhill Tailors was a premium Men’s clothing store in New York selling bespoke and ready to wear clothing. Truly one of New York's finest -- and most noted — tailors, the Block family ran the business successfully into the 1980s.  The business was sold to Alfred Dunhill of London in the mid-1980s when Leon Block retired. Pieces do fairly well on ebay. I sold this cobalt blue blazer last year for $140 ish if I remember correctly. 
You can find cheaper strobe bundles on ebay, but Alien Bees will set you back $225 each, economy stands about 20 each. entry level DSLR camera like the d3300 nikon or the Canon T5i will be $500  ish, but coming up to the holidays, there will be tons of bundled deals on cameras. http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-budget-dslr-camera/ Reasonable budget is $1500. If you go with ebay flash units from cowboy lighting or similar, maybe $1000 with stands and everything. In my...
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