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printing the packing list when you print the scan form really makes it easier to track.
I used title a while but too many were similar and it only prints 20ish characters. Going to custom I'd, each one is unique.
Koala-T had the pic of that in #15545. That's how I did it. I don't have to do anything. it always prints out UNLESS, I'm doing the "one item at a time" If it goes to the bulk tool. its automatic. Note that in the bottom pic, in the lowest left hand pull down its set to "custom label". That's it. Nothing hard once you figure it out.  [[SPOILER]]
thanks!. The last month has been busy so I haven't been adding much so if it helps someone, great!
Sign that item up for Ebay's global shipping service. Let him see that quote.
This was a eureka for me too. It seems about 3 months ago I realized it would work once I could see that turbo lister supported a custom label field and looked at the garagesale xml template and saw the sku mapped to ebay custom label. Once I knew that, everything else was just doing it. I thought we posted all that here. 
I'm perpetually catching up on this thread these days, but adding to Koala-T's outstanding explanation, The custom SKU has saved me more grief than anything else. I try to follow the txwoodworker process of touching each item as few times as possible. So I measure, photo, bag and package. On ties, I might measure 15, but when I photo, they get rolled and bagged. I finish the 15 and then I box them. On a suit, I photo, immediately bag and box.  In solving this I was going...
Is that site yours? did you already mention it and I missed it?
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