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This thread needs a bump. Here's to hoping this isn't actually a woman's piece. I know a black/green mens color way was released. Either way, too good a deal to not find out. http://mobile.yoox.com/us/39385933EE/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=39385933EE&sizeId=4
I wish gwhitehead had a pair of those light grey mmm sidezips. I feel like they often look out of place but would be perfect in that fit.
I'd say it fits at least one size big. I am usually a 38 and the M fits pretty big on me even with a sweater. Since you're in southern cali you should be warned it is surprisingly warm. I'm sweating if I have it on inside.
I ordered the same jacket (grey steel bcdr) Hoping I come home to one considering all the stories of people getting jackets before tracking. Although, I also was hoping for a lighter color. Do you find silver zips to be the right choice?
Good to hear, the brown one looks great.
  MMM   And/or     Louis W.
Full run of that floral field coat...And pants.If Ervell goes 70% I'll make a lot of unnecessary purchases.
I love the ervell store.Order a quilted hoody during the sale and drunk me decides I should get the wool aviator later that night. Throw in a comment that they can combine shipping with my other order.Find this on my package today:I also feel that the jacket is cut a size big. But the wool is really nice and drapes well so it's growing on me. Will look great with turquoise pocket sweater that's on the way.
Just got my lamb A2, lamb is great and thicker than my previous TOJ lamb. Can we get back to the somewhat mediocre discussions now?   Can't wait to get my steel grey suede BCDR. Any other suede DR's in queue that aren't blue? Charly suggested a whiskey but I didn't think the color would fit me well, hoping someone else ordered one.
Gunmetal.   Another vote for sand but I personally think it looks better on minimal jackets (i.e. no quilting)  .... even though Drew says otherwise.
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