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We're on a forum about men's clothing, no one is trying to be tough. I'd just rather see 500 "boring" fits like Willy's over one unnecessary derogatory comment from you or moo. It just creates a hostile environment that you two seem to get off on but I've lurked long enough to know that nobody else cares for it. I come here to read about clothes not your petty internet fights. Which I'm ironically, and unfortunately, having right now. Enough of this derail from of me....
You're right, he should wear a leather jacket on top of an ugly colored T with overly stacked jeans and some boots. Rotate ugly T-shirts for future fits and presto, instant WAYWT ingenuity! And what's up with the background? Apartment complexes are where all the best and most interesting fit pics happen.    Props to all the great fits the past couple pages, especially Chet since I'm rocking basically the same thing today.
Forget the knits (jade? turquoise just happened) but dat neoprene will be hard to choose between the raglan coat or the bomber. Boiled wool shirt jacket also looks good. Not sure what sizes equates to a 32 but they got S, M , L Neighbor still has one in small. Can't comment on this season's but I wear my SS12 Aviator almost every damn day. I know someone has fit pics of this season's around here, but they bought a size too big imo. Anybody seen a black/indigo pocket sweater in medium around? Doesn't seem like any stockists picked it up and of course it was one of the first things to sell out.
This thread needs a bump. Here's to hoping this isn't actually a woman's piece. I know a black/green mens color way was released. Either way, too good a deal to not find out.
I wish gwhitehead had a pair of those light grey mmm sidezips. I feel like they often look out of place but would be perfect in that fit.
I'd say it fits at least one size big. I am usually a 38 and the M fits pretty big on me even with a sweater. Since you're in southern cali you should be warned it is surprisingly warm. I'm sweating if I have it on inside.
I ordered the same jacket (grey steel bcdr) Hoping I come home to one considering all the stories of people getting jackets before tracking. Although, I also was hoping for a lighter color. Do you find silver zips to be the right choice?
Good to hear, the brown one looks great.
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