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Probably after Christmas, me thinks.
A.P.C. NEW STANDARD BLUE INDIGO 32 WAIST ~ 34 LENGTH Up for sale is a pair of blue indigo A.P.C. new standard jeans. These jeans have been worn for about 1 month total and have plenty of life left in them. See pictures for more details. Great jeans but they just don't fit me anymore! Really a great pair, and barely worn - still pretty stiff and very comfortable. Measurements according to BIG's measuring guide - Waist - 33" Front Rise - 10" Upper Thigh - 11" Inseam...
I'd pass if I were you - the Black Slims are cleaner and nicer. I think they finally dumped this cut and will recut for the next several seasons of Chinos, which is why retailers are letting these (finally) go to discount stores.
I'd venture to guess that I'd actually go for a 33 on those if I were you and if they're the newer cut (from 2011 and 2012)When I get home, I can measure my 32s and let you know how they measure up (granted, they're a bit stretched, etc.)
I have a pair of the raw black slim fits. The newer version from last year. They're definitely slimmer than the indigo raws and don't stretch as much; I only sized down one waist size and that was perfect for me. I also soaked immediately. But, a great pair nonetheless.
They've been using a newer model of oxford shirt, probably changed factories or raw materials providers overseas. However, they have greatly been improving the cut of their shirts!
Great J. Crew Grey Tweed Blazer. MOON Tweed from England. Great jacket, still new with tags. Aldridge Cut jacket Single vent in the back Interior Pockets Pen Pocket at left breast Measurements: Pit to Pit: 20 inches Shoulder to Shoulder: 17.5 inches Arm Length: 24 inches Total Length: 31 inches Check my other listings Thanks!
I'd go non-leather...
Yea I've seen that one on a mannequin at some place in Harlem's pretty awesome. PSA - listed some more RRL shirts, both BNWT Mediums...Thanks guys!
Added some new shirts and a listing of Officer Chinos as well. Some of the stuff has been sold. Still going through old pieces, and maybe more to come - thanks guys!
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