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Quote: Originally Posted by Casual The sale is still rocking. The Spring collection is called Shipyard and is (you guessed it) naval themed. I was told they would have it out next week. I saw some photos and it looks very good. That's exactly what I heard. Where did you see these photos? I hear it is very Blue based. And they will have some new types of denim...
Quote: Originally Posted by theRRshop The NEW BOWERY BOOTS.... BEAUTIFUL!! They still have these at their Retail Price at some RRL locations...
Quote: Originally Posted by dougie I got the last medium they had right before X-mas. They had a ton of oxfords in the back, by the way, but not on sale. Right, I did see some when I went to the back changing room, but I knew they'd not be on sale. The guys said anything from the "Icon" section of the line rarely if ever goes on sale, as they keep those pieces in the line all year (the chinos, the black jeans, the raw jeans, most of the...
Yeah, one of the guys told me that they wound up swapping alot of the heavier garments for oxfords, etc with the LA stores. I guess the LA locations didn't need all those shawl collar sweaters, etc!
Yes it is. Prince & Mott St.
I saw that shirt in Barneys, but I don't recollect it was at the Nolita Store. Though I know that it was a few weeks ago.
There were no Oxfords at any of the RRL - Polo locations, though Barneys had them. They were not on sale at Barneys. as for XS online, I think your only way is eBay.
yes they were having an additional 25% off already reduced sale items. I got a few shirts at a fraction of the price. Great deals, though I think today is the last day
I was at the Nolita Store yesterday, pretty bare bones. I'm thinking the new Spring stuff will arrive soon...
Feelin the Chinos, great price too
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