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Yeah, one of the guys told me that they wound up swapping alot of the heavier garments for oxfords, etc with the LA stores. I guess the LA locations didn't need all those shawl collar sweaters, etc!
Yes it is. Prince & Mott St.
I saw that shirt in Barneys, but I don't recollect it was at the Nolita Store. Though I know that it was a few weeks ago.
There were no Oxfords at any of the RRL - Polo locations, though Barneys had them. They were not on sale at Barneys. as for XS online, I think your only way is eBay.
yes they were having an additional 25% off already reduced sale items. I got a few shirts at a fraction of the price. Great deals, though I think today is the last day
I was at the Nolita Store yesterday, pretty bare bones. I'm thinking the new Spring stuff will arrive soon...
Feelin the Chinos, great price too
^ agreed I was interested until I saw that it is actually bigger. Could you perhaps post some fit pics?
APC Jeans are going to go up in price to $165 (maybe they already have) but that being said, Jean Shop is a cool store, as well as the RRL stores. For a selection, def. Blue in Green..
Some reasons I've bought raw denim: They last a hell of a long time They don't wear out in all the wrong places They need constant wear, NOT constant care
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