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the new "American Graffiti" stuff is out at both Barneys Uptown as well as the Flagship RRL Store. I didn't see it but a friend of mine did. Said it was ok, nothing essential thus far... Going to have to check it out myself sometime this week
Quote: Originally Posted by dougie Yep. It's my favorite of the new stuff. I still might pick it up, although I agree it seems like a winter/transition piece, not really a spring one. Looks like they are out of Larges of this piece in both the Bleecker and Prince stores... Either way, they've got alot more to some new denim washes
Did anyone see that new turtleneck sweater with the buttons on the side of the neck? I think it was mentioned here before... Great piece; more of a winter piece but beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong These look sick: those look great, though I doubt that people would spend $450 on these... who knows, I bet they can sell a few though.
Man I wish I could afford this...
what size is it
I'm going to check it out later. From what I hear there are alot of nice pieces...
Well, when I asked a few weeks ago, they said first week in Jan. When I asked then, they said another week to week and a who knows!! haha, no real concrete day yet, but I think they will have it all in by at least the end of January.
I like this stuff though I can't really pull alot of it off. I got some pieces from their last Spring line, and they're all staple pieces. I respect Suzuki's vision though...
Nothing yet...I've checked out the Bleecker St. store earler
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