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Hello, Black Pima Cotton classic cardigan Clean and smooth cotton black classic French cut cardigan from APC. Retailed for $280 Size XL, but Please, see measurements! Width - 21 inches Total Length - 28 inches Arm Length - 26 inches Price: $65 Thanks Guys - Let me know if you have any questions
Ive been looking for that coat. Where did you find it?
The new season is very nice; lots of indigo (no surprise there) but some slightly different styles for shirts and sweaters instead of the re-hash they've been doing for a few years now. Don't have any pics but I'm sure some of you have seen it already
And what might that piece be?
Picked these up when it was 40% off the sale price - a steal. Chain stitched Selvedge workshirt that I've never seen online (does anyone else have it? very unique), plus a pair of the Dyed Chinos and a Brown dual flap pocket jaspe shirt.
In case those that are looking for anything that's sold out online, it might still be in stock at the stores. I'd give the West Broadway location a call and they can track it down in-store.
Is that extra 10% off code still around?
At the store, the price for those and all other sale merch is approx 64% off from retail. Not the same as online
Damn - wish these were a 32 inseam!
Speaking of -Just found a pair of those Dark Green Officer Chino's in wool - with the clasps on the back but not buckleback. I believe they're from the BYRD Collection - 2011 or so.NAMOR - you have these, yes? I hope the measurements are the same as the regular Officer Chinos (a big larger than tagged waist). I went true to waist as I have a few pair of the Chinos and they're all fitting the same, albeit none wool.Also PSR - Was at the Steven Alan sale in NYC the other...
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