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I just might!
APC NS - 1.5 Years No Wash
Do you have any other pics?
That's exactly it, but with more skulls
I think I've seen this in the store and it's a white cross-type of design but inverted...
Hello, Black Pima Cotton classic cardigan Clean and smooth cotton black classic French cut cardigan from APC. Retailed for $280 Size XL, but Please, see measurements! Width - 21 inches Total Length - 28 inches Arm Length - 26 inches Price: $65 Thanks Guys - Let me know if you have any questions
Ive been looking for that coat. Where did you find it?
The new season is very nice; lots of indigo (no surprise there) but some slightly different styles for shirts and sweaters instead of the re-hash they've been doing for a few years now. Don't have any pics but I'm sure some of you have seen it already
And what might that piece be?
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