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I'm not sure any more Chinos are 10.8 oz. anymore, right?
I sometimes have that thought too. I will say that I enjoy variety and have a wardrobe fit for the workplace and another fit for recreation. I also recently lost weight and needed to get some new pants but yes, I think I did go overboard at the sales and online A minimal wardrobe frees the mind. Come to think of it, a few years ago, I wore one pair of jeans for about three years with only a pair of dress slacks as a counter.
I already have the Grey/Green Clyde Trousers, though the Indigo pair from Empire State also look tempting...
Worn pair of RRL Selvedge Officer's Chinos From the 2010 run of these - one of the first. These have been hemmed from 32 to a 28 inseam There are signs of wear but that's the beauty of these pants, to break them in and get them worn in! Wish I could keep these - my loss is your gain. Great piece from RRL and from the earlier run which was heavier (10 oz.) and had better construction. Waist - 15.75 in. Front Rise - 10 in. Back Rise - 13 in. Inseam - 28 in. From the...
Seems like the Clyde Chinos will continue as rigid offerings in different groups - let's see if they wind up doing as many colors of these as they have of the Officer Chinos (seasonal color combos) and make the selvedge chinos more widespread
Might find that some thin shears could do the trick to take out seams as needed...
Those momo's are dope
French Garment Cleaners in Brooklyn stocks Ervell - not sure what they have now but I'd give them a call and see since the website hasn't been updated yet. I was there recently and saw some... https://frenchgarmentcleaners.com
Honestly, I'd say grab the NS - way more of a natural fit and as they age the leg can shrink in a bit due to the salt from sweat, etc. Just a thought! I've had PS and NS and it's better to be comfortable and get results after wearing than laboring through it.
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