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Thank you, Saturdays. Much appreciated. 
Seriously, what is wrong with some members here. I am obviously ignorant of such things and I came here very humbly and asked very politely for help. What is with all this lecturing and rudeness, seriously? Anyway, my friends, please share your views about the questions rather than passing judgements on me. I would be extremely grateful. Thank you very much.   :-)
Thank you so very much, Claghorn! Much appreciated. 
lol thank you! Really appreciate it. But I don't like the emoticon you placed at the end of your post lol hahaha anyway, thank you! I just don't want to leave a first bad impression on a CEO by having a dimple in the tie lol so just wanted to quadracheck :-)  I still need to reassured a little more I think 
What's wrong with a little smile at the end? Are you trolling or do you actually have anything to contribute? Anyway, seriously, kindly, what are your thoughts on having a dimple in the tie in the business meetings? Please and thank you! (no emoticon this time lol)
Bellyhungry, thanks for the reply. No I haven't thought about it? I thought it might be an overkill, but then again I know nothing about this compared to you. Also, so it is totally okay to have a dimple in the tie for a business meeting? Thank you in advance. 
Hello,    I really love this website and the amazing knowledge there is. I have a quick question. I am an entrepreneur trying to make big in the North American (mostly Canadian) business world. I understand having a dimple in the middle of the tie looks elegant and one should aim to have a dimple there. But I wanted to know is having a dimple in the tie also acceptable for business meetings or is it just for parties?    I am trying to get meetings with many CEOs...
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