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I like the iron rangers.  Cap toe and sole look better on them IMO.
No, it's the same as the regular version.
  I thought the swing last was wider, but not more instep volume?  My foot really isn't wide, and when I do get wide shoes to account for instep volume my ankle usually ends up slipping a lot.         I didn't realize that the SD's had arch support.  That's good for my arches, but does it cut down on instep volume?  I thought that the SD was pretty low profile.  I just don't want to get expensive boots that are custom and not returnable if they're uncomfortable.   I wish...
If I have a high instep and high arch, does that remove the SD from possibility for me?  I like the look of the SD more than the SJ, but if it'll be uncomfortably tight in the instep I will have to find another boot.
Well, I have seen people post that if they have a large instep they couldn't fit into the 5 last.  I have a very high arch and instep, and my foot measures at about 9.5-10 in a D width on the brannock scale.  The salesman started me off in a 9.5 d.  Too long, too tight in the instep.  The laces wouldn't close into a tight V, and there was probably a 3/4" gap in the vamp.  I asked him to get me an E width in something, and he kept saying "you don't have a wide foot, you...
Hello guys, I am wondering if you can give me some advice on my first 2 pair of AE shoes.  I am strongly thinking of getting in on the buy 2 pair of seconds deal.  I just can't decide which 2 to get.  Pretty much everything is available in my size.   I have a black pair of plain captoe blucher shoes (Bostonian I think) that were cheap.  Probably around $60 or $80.  I am thinking that they will do for interview shoes in a couple years when I graduate.  In the field...
Hi, please quote me a strand brown shell in 9.5D, a merlot Park Ave in 9.5D, and the brown calf neumok in 9.5D. Thanks!
Awesome.  I have a pair of sanforized N&F Left Hand Twill.  I've only been wearing them about a month.  Is it ok to chainstitch without soaking first?  
I just picked up the Mackinaw Cruiser in Charcoal at Nordstrom's rack for $120 on the clearance rack.  They had a 38 and a 40, so I picked up the 38.  Great deal.
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