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Pictures of the other two ties uploaded!
I have four Hermes ties that I'm looking to sell. They are all in near perfect mint condition. I'm trying to get $70 for each shipped.
I guess this is my big question. My mom likes to visit thrift stores (as do I, but I don't have a car and am away for school). What measurements should I tell her to look for in the chest, shoulders, sleeves, and length? I'm talking about measuring the actual jacket and I'm aware that a 38 in one brand might fit me the same as a 42 in another brand, I was just looking for a starting point.
I wear a size 16 x 34 shirt and have to get them tailored because they are always too baggy and I am rather skinny. I am exactly 6 feet tall. I measured my chest and it is 38.5 inches. I also prefer my garments to fit snugger rather than loose. On a shirt that fits me well in the shoulders, the distance between the two seams is 18 inches. What size jacket would I wear, and what chest size should I look for in a jacket when measuring it?
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