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can you post a pick without the jacket on, front and back?
The sleeves look like that because the width across the back of the jacket is too great for the width across your back. *I think the best place to take the jacket in would be the center back seam, it doesn't look like its on the straight grain anyway. that will pull the shoulders closer together across your back and raise the sleeve, getting rid of the excess fabric bunching on the back of your sleeve. You can see the curve where the jacket meets the sleeve (known as...
the sleeve pitch will make a huge difference. also, is that sew in hair canvas on the chest area or iron in interfacing? what weight is it?
yes. looking forward to more
I'd check the polo outlets as well....not sure what vest you are talking about but I saw a great brown one 75% off at a polo outlet last week. if you dont have one near you, you can always call and the outlet will send you one.
prada sometimes... brioni makes a great thin version which makes me think they have a thicker version avail as well.
Anything that bond has in his suits is good enough for me. 
In 'Skyfall,' costume designer Jany Temime's vision for bond has surpased what my imagination held as the ultimate tailored look. There are more action scenes then usual in the new film, and Daniel Craig has never looked better. Ford and Temime credit the following for that superspy look while filming 17 hour days worldwide.... tom ford says the fabric of all the suits must move with the shape of bonds body, like a track suit, but still retaining a sharp look. to achieve...
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