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What are the fibers of the suit? it does not seem to be hanging correctly on you. unless the suit is all natural I wouldn't count on it loosening up with body heat. many of the suits today that are marketed as "wrinkle resistant" actually are coated with a sprayed on then baked on plastic. Bad for your skin, health, and body temperature.
yes, however it is much shorter then a book and so will require much less stress pulling on and off and also will not have to deal with the roundness of the calf muscle as well. Can you post a photo of the front of this shoe?
This area of the boot takes a lot of stress when pulling on/off etc. The back seam is used as reinforcement to help the leather hold its shape. Without it the boots would quickly become stretched out and baggy in that area. You might be able to line them with a tough breathable fabric to help them hold their shape if you are dead set on no back seam.
The collar of the shirt is too high. Did you feel like you were holding your shoulders back for the photos? I ask because the coat looks tight from the front and loose from the back. The pants seem a bit short from the rear? The sleeves need to be adjusted a bit. Its very important to stand as naturally and symetrically as possible for fittings and fitting photos...This honestly looks like a stance issue... Do you have another photo? 
what did you end up choosing?
Can we see the end result?
  If the bridesmaids dresses do not match exactly the groomsmen should not have to either....But you might be able to do "coordinating" Is it black tie? Do you have any other color options besides purple? 
Are the bridesmaids dresses matching? How many groomsmen? How many bridesmaids?
legally, a brand must post somewhere on the garment the country of origin. 
Barneys is on presale...anywhere else?
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