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Man I feel like I need a $100 or less thread, though I guess it's 99% Seiko 5s in that range. Some beautiful watches guys!
Professional, elegant yet not overwhelming/too bold. I like it a lot (not that I'm an expert but just my opinion)
  Got an error first time I tried to post (apologize if it double posts). My first "dress" watch. I love the silver face, though I do want to change out to a black leather band. I feel like it has an elegant look without being overwhelming, simply complimenting my outfits. I know nothing about watches, but it was VERY cheap so I'm satisfied.
  Have a feeling that most of the people here won't be a huge fan of this outfit, but it was a goal of casual but still stylish for a "trendy" bar. Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt / Vest    I just got a Ermenegildo Zegna "soft" suit, which I should have back from the tailor in a few days so I have something that you guys may appreciate a bit more.
  Hopefully this time I get a little less hate on my outfit lol... I'm trying! The Tie is Paisley =)
  My first post on here. Go easy on me!    Sean John Pants Donald Trump Shirt Ermenegildo  Zegna sweatervest =)
Precisely! =)
Dreamspace, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! I'm new to all of this, and have been looking at some great high-end name suits on ebay, figuring buying a good quality suit and getting it tailored to my body. My only worry is that it will end up looking butchered since it's not the body style it's designed for.
You sir are a lucky man. In NJ it's a couple hour ride to find a store that even carries the product, never mind smelling it brewing! Interested in purchasing it in bulk and sending it to me LOL.   Quite a few of the christmas ales are great, but as I said, the GLBC X-Mas ale, is by far the best beer I've ever had!
I guess Harvey Spectre is a little thicker built. Not quite to the extent I was hoping, but it definitely does inspire some hope that I can still impress even with the non-ideal build.
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