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  It's a bathroom shot in a camera phone, but none the less. Tie is black with a woven paisley. I tried to pose to get the watch to show off as well
Thank you - I didn't mean to sound like a jerk, maybe it's in my mind, I just feel like a lot of people come off as condescending or look down at you if you don't have a custom made or $12,000 dollar suit. I am a 25 year old guy who has fully paid off my college loans, my cars, and has 0 debt, with that said, I'm trying to save for a house and can't justify spending 1k+ on suits, or more than a couple hundred bucks on a watch etc. I wish I could, but it's just not in the...
Thanks - the interview went very well. Will have to get my next suit prepped for the second interview which will be right after the holidays. It's between me and one other candidate. I went with a white shirt and my black paisley tie, every other combination I tried seemed to "pop" or be too "loud" for an interview, so I tried to go with as toned back, professional, but elegant as possible. (I'm loud and obnoxious enough lol).  Tried to pose to get my watch to show as...
No I went, got measured, searched for a "quality" brand from what I've read on styleforum. Found a quality brand with my measurements that I liked the style of. I then purchased said suit, took it to a tailor and had him make alterations to the suit to make it fit properly.   Is it the same as MTM or bespoke, no, of course not. The whole process costed me about $300 bucks and I'm proud of the end product.   In the past, I would go to a Jos A. Banks / Men's...
I have several suits, but only recently have I put a focus on improving my overall look. This was the first suit I have gotten tailored to fit me properly (most were simply bought off a rack). Attire on a day to day basis in my current job is a dress shirt/tie/slacks, no jacket on the average day.
I got the suit back last night, will spend some time putting shirts/ties behind the suit itself and take a few pictures of the combinations I like. I am not too nervous about the interview in regards to discussing my resume/experience etc. Thank you guys for the help.    Maybe I'll pick like the top 3 outfits and post pictures of them and make a poll =)
It is a DARK gray
Thank you Vinny - I have a few white shirts which will work. Was originally thinking a Black Paisley tie I had, but it seemed too toned down. I was nervous about the red tie, seems like I'm trying too hard for the classic "power suit" (though maybe that's not a bad thing). I hadn't thought of a yellow tie.    Did you wear a pocket square?
So I got a call and will be going on an interview for a major promotion/step-up (different company). The position is a Corporate/upper-level management position, dealing with B2B relationships/Sales/Business development as well as Operations Management and oversight of Engineers / Lower level managers and Administrative Personnel. I would be very young for the position, so I want to make sure my attire reflects a mature / well put together individual / someone who knows...
Officially finished the "try all 35 beers" card and got a free t-shirt... yep we all need goals!
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