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I went into the G&G shop today to pick up a pair of shoe trees to go with my new Oak Hatch Hoves from Skoak (thanks Leaves) Couldn't believe that the price is now £180 - for the new red design without the metal ring (which justified some of the cost imho on the previous style) I've bought 2 pairs before for £130 and £135 in 2013, which was steep, but this is daylight robbery People in the store were saying they are handmade, hence the cost. Does that sound...
I believe there's an EG workshop sale this weekend (29th) in Northampton. Up to 60% off Was hoping to make it, but looking less likely now Surprised there's been no chat so far on the forum... Are you guys keeping you powder dry?
I have as many EG shoes as GG and am a big fan of both. Spend a lot of time lurking (lusting) in both forums as I know many other do Has taken me a while to get to the point of seeing a proper boot (non Chukka/Chelsea) I can get excited about.
Wasn't spamming, just joining the dots between rydenfan's post and a GMTO opportunity. Some would say that's just acting as a good citizen...BTW - we may be up to 3 ...
[[SPOILER]] We have 2 people interested in a GMTO on a pair of these.Model: ThorpeLast: GG06Colour: Vintage Rioja - Hatch GrainEyelets: Antiqued brassSole: Ridgeway3 more and we're good to go...Any others?
Looking to get a GMTO going on these. 2 so far. - If interested, head over to G&G thread...
Here's a link to the post:
I would definitely prefer the hatch grain over the highland grain. I also like the look of the GG06 on this model - though I love the MH71 on most other models. It gives the boot a less refined look, which works well IMHO - particularly with the RidgewayI think it's probably too much compromise for me with the specs - though I have no doubt it will look greatAnyone else up for something more directly aligned to the VRaivio original?
I was in the GG shop today and saw the highland grains in the flesh. I was expecting to think the browns would be more interesting, but the burgundy is by far the most stunning. Very dark (may be the lighting and sample), but was fabulous.Went to EG to see their equivalent hatch and GG wins hands down.Let me know what specs you are going for - definitely interested
Any interest in a GMTO on something (very) similar to these?
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