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Visited the filson outlet store two weeks ago, Saw this limited edition bike pack. Got ok from wife to get, went back couple of days later but it was sold, clerk said they've had two, a very rare and limited Japan market item. Also included picture of their bag display. All women's wear is 80 percent off for past few weeks.                          
Went to the filson outlet store to p/u lined trucker/ hunter jacket, they only had medium and x/l, at 6'1" and 200# filson large seems to fit best. Got a Belltown waxed denim jacket instead in large size. Very pleased with it, fits good. Weather here in is in low to mid 30's wearing a medium wool sweater, long sleeve tee and the Belltown jacket, I was vey comfortable. The lined pockets kept hand warm when outdoors for couple of hours on walk with the dog and the wife.
This Febuary issue of Men's Journal, has Josh Brolin, on cover wearing a Filson/Levi, jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: