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  Raphaelargus on page 107 did a comparison of Rancourt, OSB, and Quoddy's moc shoe sizing. From his comparison, Rancourt and OSB's length is pretty much the same, with Rancourt being a teeny bit longer. But the biggest difference is the width. Rancourt's is more tight compared to OSB's moc in the toe box to vamp.   I have OSB trail oxford in size 7D and rancourt in size 7D (left shoe). I agree with what he said about the width. I found OSB to be roomy in width but...
  Thanks. I'll probably go TTS. I checked UO's site and I didn't know they started carrying sizes below 30 waist for the both slim and skinny chinos. I was originally looking at blue owl for the skinny chino.
Is size 32 your normal size for jeans/pants? Is the quality good for the price? Is the material thick?   I can't make out the navy one too well. The beige one looks like glossy/shiny?. But they look nice. I'd like to get them but I can't decide whether to go one size up or TTS.
How is the Wallace and Barnes cable cardigan? is the color nice?   I checked the site and I don't see a x-small. Does that just not come in x-small?
  I plan to go to check out the coats in store tomorrow. I've never had a peacoat before, so I'm thinking one of the two from Gap might be a good start if the quality is ok.   The cropped navy peacoat is in stores though? It's labelled as a exclusive. The same for the Bayswater, I thought it was a online only thing? Which stores did you go to? 
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