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  Your jacket is amazing! Very cool.
  The pant could be lower but the cuff size is impressive! Is that 2 inches or bigger? I thrifted a pair of khakis that are too long and I'm having a 1 1/2 inch cuff put on to make it just right. I'm not bold enough for a bigger cuff yet.
  I'm 39 and 215 lbs so no and no. But, I'm still trying to avoid pleats if I can.
  I'm afraid I'm too much of a noob to even know what a "jumper" is...   Yes, I can see my thick herringbone sportcoat + scarf probably getting me all the way through winter around here.   Nice pic of the moleskin. I see what you mean. There are definitely not many in a SoCal thrift store like that. I've been noticing a bunch of thick cord pants but they almost all have pleats.
Well, I went to another Goodwill this evening and felt all the khaki pants and one pair did feel quite magical, but alas, not my size. I don't know if they felt like velvet but definitely thick and very soft. I found another pair of Dockers there that were in-between these and a standard pair of Dockers and I got those. The best find was a pair of medium brown Rockport wingtips in pretty good shape! I'm going to take them to a cobbler and see what he can do.   Hmm... I...
  Thanks OlSarge. I'm doing all my shopping at thrift stores and have seen cords but don't know what to look for in moleskin. Will there be a marking or do I just have to know what they look and feel like? If not, thanks for the tip (soft, flannel, thick).   On that thrifting note, I bought my first scarf today. It's navy blue on one side and red on the other. It solves the problem I always had with sportcoats, in SoCal at least, which is; it's either too hot to wear them...
  Ok, I'm wearing my dark brown vest, tucked in light blue larger check oxford with my guncheck sportcoat (and I found a burgundy tie with little pheasants on it amazingly enough in a thrift store, not wearing it though) today with my jeans.   I know I need to get darker and less baggy jeans but what are moleskins?   Moves
  Ah, so my coat is called guncheck then instead of houndstooth.   I bought a pair of 2 color-only black and tan houndstooth pleated slacks today at the Salvation Army and yeah they have more clearly defined points.   Thanks for the advice on the herringbone. It is super thick so I'll have to wait on that one.   Moves
  Thanks for your comments cold war painter. Certainly a single pattern looks good. I'm trying to pull-off patterned shirt with patterned jacket combos. I have a light-blue shirt with darker-blue + white 1/2 inch checks. I'll have to try that one. The first outfit I wore was a tan houndstooth shirt with a solid brown sweater vest.   Checks and tweed patterns are my thing right now. I have a distaste for stripes as all I see is "overweight guy trying to cover something up"...
Ok, I took a picture of tonight's outfit. Same houndstooth sportscoat but this time instead of white with green and tan tattersal, I put on a yellow with blue graph check shirt.         So, too similar sized patterns? Not doing two checks together? Faux paux city or cool?   Thanks for the input guys, I new to mixed patterns.   Moves
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