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Hey all. I'm interested in getting a wool grey herringbone blazer. However, I really don't like polyester lining and am looking for a blazer that is lined in bemberg instead (partially unlined is okay too). I've Googled this and ran a search on SF too and haven't found any. All grey herringbone blazers I've come across are unfortunately lined in poly.   Do any of you know where I can pick up a bermberg-lined (or partially-unlined) grey wool herringbone blazer? Ideal...
Yeah the RL Marlow would be ideal, but $850 is just way out of my price range.
  Thanks. Anyone else wanna chime in? The Larchmont posted above is in chocolate brown. Was thinking of Walnut as well but decided that Walnut isn't too versatile. And the Bourbon Larchmont isn't being sold on Zappos unfortunately.
Hey all. I have $250 worth of Zappos gift cards, and I'm looking to spend them towards buying a brown wingtip blucher. I don't own any bluchers or brogues, and I want to fix that. My main goal with this new pair is versatility. I plan to wear it with everything from dark jeans to chinos to wool slacks (but not suits - I rarely need to wear suits and I have black PAs for when I need to).   I narrowed my choices to the following four, and am hoping to get your input....
  That Nunes Correa stuff looks great, incredible value for goodyear shoes (on sale for 52 euros which is less than $70). Do you know if they use full-grain leather? Having a hard time believing that we can buy full-grain goodyear shoes for under $70!     Yeah I'm looking for a true brown, not burgundy/merlot.
Hi all,   I'm looking to pick up some dark brown wingtips, but I'm having trouble finding some good ones. Something like the AE McAllister would be exactly what I'm looking for, but unfortunately the McAllister doesn't come in dark brown. Could any of you recommend a good brand/model? Price range is sub-$300 on sale.   The specs I'm looking for are: - dark brown shortwings - balmorals / closed lacing - full-grain calf - fully leather lined - leather...
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