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For sale are a nice Pair of Ralph Lauren Jodhpurs in dark brown suede. The size is US 9.5EE. I believe, that this shoes was made for Ralph Lauren by Crockett & Jones. The shoes are in very good condition. They werent worn pretty much as you could see at the sole. The Suede is in average condition and is really clean like new. I will ship to Europe and Conus. Price is excluding shipping. I need to ask for a good shipping rate before sending them out.  
i guess the side monk on the bottom pic wont hurt your feet like the meermins does  
Hey,   some weeks back i wrote about my little problem about my single side Monk MTO that the angle of the strap and the buckle is on the wrong place. I was asked for a picture.    That buckle hurts a bit on my foot. I think over all the shoe is very good looking and its built pretty good despite of this issue.   This is my Oundle where you could see that the angle of the strap or the place of the buckle is much better. Ok, this shoes are much more...
after some months of wear i have to say that i began to dislike my single side monk mto (Oundle fake) a bit. The angle of the monkstrap with the buckles is wrong. The buckles get in touch with my skin of my foot (dont know right under my ankle) and that hurts a bit if i make a wrong move. They look fantastic but im not wearing them very often because of this.
i have uk 7.5 and in meermins also 7.5. i think its a 8.5 in us
i have edward greens where the lining is makin noise aswell. So this is possible on shoes which cost lots more money. Talcum powder worked pretty fine.
Pepe just sent me the pictures of my finished mtos and another shoe i was waiting for        
cant someone tell me some things about my "problem"?
Today Pepe sent me some more pictures of my MTO. The shoes allready got lasted: I marked some unprecise stitching. Should it be that way or is this a problem?              
i would need the price point for this to decide if im in. Im in europe btw.   here are the first pictures of my mtos i've ordered a while back        
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