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Darn, unhemmed I wouldve bought em both.  GLWS!
Hey Kent....   Every considered oxblood colorway for your sneakers?  I need more than just the black I have now :P
Alright, so I am chatting with a couple people about maybe buying a spot for my wife for a Quilted DR, but now I am hoping to find a spot for me.     I am hoping to buy someones TOJ0 Spot, as long as they are willing to sell it at cost, and email Charli to make sure it's all okay.   Let me know...   I would quite like a Grey/Black TOJ0 
 In 2 years when that jacket shows up, it is going to be so mint though!  
Have you ever played with the idea of releasing a Burgundy coloured sneaker?   
So ignoring all the bullshit - let's say I really wanted to get my Wife a Womens Band Collar Double-Rider - my only option from what I understand is to buy someone who has a spot, send in some updates to Drew, cross my fingers and hope that in 1.5 years it shows up?     If that is all correct, and I was still crazy enough to try it, where is the best place to find/purchase a TOJ placeholder order.   
Crazy news!  It makes me feel OK I missed Cognac.... although at this point for $200 for chrome-tanned I would honestly consider it hah. 
Is Cognac gone?  Got the email about this, this morning from Epaulet Newsletter and immediately went to Pre-Order Cognac but it's not in my dropdown.       Only Oxblood, Black, and Navy....
Gustin Pricing on the Rise?     Anyone else noticed this?  It seems every time a fabric comes back, it's for more money now - and in general, everything is up.  We rarely see the $81 jeans now, and often see $150+   Duffels are up to $190 now as well, and shirts are also on the rise.     When I first got involed with Gustin it was during kickstarter, and then i've made a few purchases of jeans and duffels from the site since.  I loved their idea - great products at...
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