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Crazy news!  It makes me feel OK I missed Cognac.... although at this point for $200 for chrome-tanned I would honestly consider it hah. 
Is Cognac gone?  Got the email about this, this morning from Epaulet Newsletter and immediately went to Pre-Order Cognac but it's not in my dropdown.       Only Oxblood, Black, and Navy....
Gustin Pricing on the Rise?     Anyone else noticed this?  It seems every time a fabric comes back, it's for more money now - and in general, everything is up.  We rarely see the $81 jeans now, and often see $150+   Duffels are up to $190 now as well, and shirts are also on the rise.     When I first got involed with Gustin it was during kickstarter, and then i've made a few purchases of jeans and duffels from the site since.  I loved their idea - great products at...
So Olive Duffels are supposed to ship this week... if it somehow arrives before Friday I can bring it to Mexico!  
Any more news on the Olive Duffel?  Cheers!
 Excuse my ignorance, but does this mean you would provide shipping both ways on some shirts to get our size hammered out... what if my shipping address is in Canada.... 
Hey Mauro, is there an up-to-date Monkey Arms sizing chart on the site.... I am having a heck of a time finding it...     Cheers,   *Edit*   I also noticed... on the regular size charts, the Medium Before Dinner Chest measurement is bigger than the Medium After dinner one... but for Large the After Dinner is bigger... and Before Dinner is smaller...  Now I am thoroughly confused lol.  
  I have been waiting for this but brogued toe cap and 2030 last :(
 The rise is currently my biggest issue - even vs every other low rise I have or have tried on, I find the Gustins to be almost crushing in that area, hopefully something that eventually gets changed.  
New Posts  All Forums: