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Picked up a pair 2 weeks ago at El Corte Ingles in Madrid during July's tiempo de rebajas for 99.99 Euro Minus 10% non EU discount and a tax refund.  On my feet for the first time today and so far loving them, especially at that price.
  I cannot emphasize enough the necessity of ordering fabric swatches from David.  No doubts whatsoever about what you are getting and I have found pictures to be several shades darker/lighter for grenadines in particular.
  Get there when they open.  I have done this twice and received prompt, excellent service both times (on a sunday).
    I have it.  It is a dark conservative navy, no oily sheen although I see what you are referring to in the pics.
I like the fit of their shirts but I find that the quality is lacking.  All of the buttons end up breaking.  
    SILVERFOX! THIS ONE - which Hober pattern? NEED
    Your not the only one!!!  Just closed that window!
    I DREAM of a Washington cut jacket with PEAK lapels......
    I have two of the sub $100 shirts.  One of them the buttons are really poor quality and broke at the cleaners after about two wears.  Cleaner is a good one and replaced all @ no charge to me.  I wouldn't mess with one for $149 as you say but the shirts are an almost perfect OTR fit for me so I like the two I have.
    hey Kent:  If we made an appointment way back when will we receive a confirmation email or something like that?  I think I know the time I made mine for but don't want to jam you up by showing up at the wrong time.   Thanks and looking forward to it
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