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Hi there, can you let me know the widest width and length of the outsole? Thanks
Hughes on reservist, which means he's serving his annual army commitments till the end of this month. It also means he's less contactable during this period.     He gets to come out on Sundays, hence I just met up with him to see his work, which I must say, is bloody impressive. The skins he gets from Heng Long are top-notch, and the workmanship is impeccable.     Am planning to commission a bi-fold wallet, and the lead time is about a month max. 
  Anybody planning to place an order for these ?   I am looking at 3-5 pairs to combine shipping with anyone who's interested. 
For sale are a pair of dark brown Salvatore Ferragamo shoes size 10EEE, as the toe box is too narrow for my wide feet despite the correct width. Worn < 20 times and still in great condition, with Vibram soles attached from Day 1. No boxes or bags, and shipping is not included in the price and will be estimated based on your location as shoes are in Singapore.    PRICE Drop $180 -> $150   Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.   Cheers ! 
Payment made for the following:   1b: 16L x 20, 14L x 6   1c: 16L x 30, 14L x 8 Thanks !
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