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Love how the earth chamois looks grey - though I understand it's more brown and will wear in that way.
Ordered the Old School Tartan...really like that tartan flannel, but winter will be ending when it arrives.
Yay or nay?
Any plans for slip on sneakers too?
I like this shoe and the navy suede version. How do you guys wear these? Could they still work in an office setting?
Hadn't even thought of using them for black tie - good point, although the need doesn't come up often for me. Might check these out the next time I'm in NYC.
Anyone have thoughts on the cordovan plain toe loafer (8815 or 8818) carried by Alden NYC? I haven't heard much about that model or seen many pics of it being worn.
Love those boots. If I buy any footwear soon, though, it might have to be more office oriented. Though I guess the kudu mellows to a nice brown....
Are most people taking the same size in the Wilshire jeans as the rivet chino?
Picked up the kamigata (crosshatch) in the LES store a couple of weeks ago - needed some kind of light casual jacket since my Levi's/ Filson jacket is warm for summertime. I've worn it nearly every day since - even looks good with the business cas stuff (OCBD, wool trousers) I usually wear for work. I've thought about adding an interior pocket. Thanks to Matt and Alex for chatting with my girlfriend while I tried on jeans. I'll probably get those at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: