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Any more Portugal suiting on the way? And are there many pictures in the wild yet?
Is it possible to get epaulets added to shirts other than the safari shirt?
Great! Put in an order last night for white linen.
@Epaulet Is it still possible to order any of the linen MTO shirts?
@Epaulet - are all 3 of the linens (lime, Sky blue, and Maltese red) under the spring 2016 casual MTO shirts item sold out? I don't see any of them in the drop down.
@EpauletAnother thing I noticed is that the Persian blue doesn't have the back darts. Is this a new change for your shirts or just certain ones? If I do one of the Individualized MTO shirts , do they have darts or not?
My size medium EPNY shirts are a little snug now, so I sized up to large on the Persian blue linen. Pretty good fit on the body now, but the sleeves are slightly long. The tag says I can launder the shirt - does linen shrink much in the wash? Either way I've got a good point of reference for some MTO shirts.
Are you getting out of tshirts/henleys entirely or just this batch?
Ordered gunmetal combat boots. Went TTS - ordered my usual 11. Hope that works. What color is the sole edge?
How does sizing compare between Epaulet's Southwick jackets and the LBM 1911 jackets they used to carry? I have a size 38 LBM and a size 39 Southwick, and I'm wondering if I can size down safely - I sometimes wear a cardigan underneath the Southwick. @Epaulet - looks like I missed out on black combat boots. does the reorder in a few months include black?
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