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Are people taking the same size in the Driggs as the Walts, or does the rise hitting lower on the hips mean I might need to size up one? I assume it's still easy to alter like the other EP trousers.
I wouldn't mind a Chicago trunk show either....
Picked up some navy tassel loafers - love how they look; still deciding if they fit in my work wardrobe. I'm generally on the dressier end of business casual.
I prefer 3.25; 3 is good too. Glad to hear you're thinking of seasonal ties - I like textures on my ties. I love the purple pique in the sale section, but it's listed as 2.5".
What width will the new ties be? I've liked some of the fabrics in the past, but some of them are 2.5", which is a little too narrow for me.
Having a hard time deciding between the pitch black and midnight villain hoodies. I probably don't need both
Love the sneakers. Any chance of Epaulet doing a slip-on sneaker?
Thanks for the feedback, guys. My measurements would probably help: 5'11", 155 lb, 38-39" chest, 32" waist.
Thoughts on sizing? Both are with sides zipped. Will the fabric stretch a bit?
Love how the earth chamois looks grey - though I understand it's more brown and will wear in that way.
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