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Anyone have one of the suede MA-1 jackets? How's the sizing/fit? I'm looking for something slim.
@Epaulet If you need a size medium kamigata, I've got one. Will you be restocking the salt washed Oxford shirts in white? Thought you had some but they're not on the website.
@Epaulet Mike, do you do IS and Soutwick fittings in your California studio? I might be in the LA area in the next couple of months. I have an IS shirt and might order another, but I think it could use a few tweaks (sleeves, cuffs, maybe others)
@Epaulet I like the kamigata as is, though mine is starting to get a bit small on me. At one point I wanted an interior pocket, but I don't know if that would affect how it hangs when open or sits when closed (not to mention any price considerations). One of my favorite pieces of clothing - works with shirts, polos, or t shirts, and I really like it in the summer when I wouldn't want to wear a knit wool cardigan. (PS my other summer favorite was my optic white duck...
Kamigata returning?
Got my charcoal flannel Gables delivered - need to get them hemmed. Not sure if I'm onboard with the high-waisted fit yet but wanted to try it out. @epaulet - what is the shirt collar on the blue shirt you're wearing in the Hertling EFF photos?
@epaulet Is there a difference in fit/manufacture between the salt washed oxfords and the Portugal denim shirts (like the floral denim)? I tried the real oxford a while back and thought it was a little bigger/longer than the floral denim I kept.
Anyone have pics of a Dartmouth jacket other than what's on the website?
EFF Hertling trousers - since some people are talking about them, I'm assuming they're starting to ship. Do we get tracking info emailed to us for these? Trying to decide if I should go to my office later this week or not.
@Epaulet Is the Shetland/Donegal item still being updated? Except for the photos, the drop down and everything is identical to the Harris tweed item.
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