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How does sizing compare between Epaulet's Southwick jackets and the LBM 1911 jackets they used to carry? I have a size 38 LBM and a size 39 Southwick, and I'm wondering if I can size down safely - I sometimes wear a cardigan underneath the Southwick. @Epaulet - looks like I missed out on black combat boots. does the reorder in a few months include black?
@Epaulet - do you think the combat boots will be available this month?
We watched the whole season in about two days. Good stuff - if you have watched his stand up, I'd say many of the topics are similar, but in a different format. His actual parents play his character's parents, and it turns out his dad is pretty funny too.
Watched Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" series this weekend. I thought I saw him wearing some suede chukkas or bluchers, possibly Alden, but I definitely saw some Alden boxes in his closet in one episode.
Love the new flannels. Not sure if I need the blue - I have the nightshade flannels from a while back which is also bluish. Considering the juniper - will this work with grays and navy, or is it better with earth tones? I don't wear a lot of brown.
Does anyone have any pics of the Epaulet full court highs being worn/after some wear? (I'm looking at the all white ones, but any color would help).
Are people taking the same size in the Driggs as the Walts, or does the rise hitting lower on the hips mean I might need to size up one? I assume it's still easy to alter like the other EP trousers.
I wouldn't mind a Chicago trunk show either....
Picked up some navy tassel loafers - love how they look; still deciding if they fit in my work wardrobe. I'm generally on the dressier end of business casual.
I prefer 3.25; 3 is good too. Glad to hear you're thinking of seasonal ties - I like textures on my ties. I love the purple pique in the sale section, but it's listed as 2.5".
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