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@Epaulet - are all 3 of the linens (lime, Sky blue, and Maltese red) under the spring 2016 casual MTO shirts item sold out? I don't see any of them in the drop down.
@EpauletAnother thing I noticed is that the Persian blue doesn't have the back darts. Is this a new change for your shirts or just certain ones? If I do one of the Individualized MTO shirts , do they have darts or not?
My size medium EPNY shirts are a little snug now, so I sized up to large on the Persian blue linen. Pretty good fit on the body now, but the sleeves are slightly long. The tag says I can launder the shirt - does linen shrink much in the wash? Either way I've got a good point of reference for some MTO shirts.
Are you getting out of tshirts/henleys entirely or just this batch?
Ordered gunmetal combat boots. Went TTS - ordered my usual 11. Hope that works. What color is the sole edge?
How does sizing compare between Epaulet's Southwick jackets and the LBM 1911 jackets they used to carry? I have a size 38 LBM and a size 39 Southwick, and I'm wondering if I can size down safely - I sometimes wear a cardigan underneath the Southwick. @Epaulet - looks like I missed out on black combat boots. does the reorder in a few months include black?
@Epaulet - do you think the combat boots will be available this month?
We watched the whole season in about two days. Good stuff - if you have watched his stand up, I'd say many of the topics are similar, but in a different format. His actual parents play his character's parents, and it turns out his dad is pretty funny too.
Watched Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" series this weekend. I thought I saw him wearing some suede chukkas or bluchers, possibly Alden, but I definitely saw some Alden boxes in his closet in one episode.
Love the new flannels. Not sure if I need the blue - I have the nightshade flannels from a while back which is also bluish. Considering the juniper - will this work with grays and navy, or is it better with earth tones? I don't wear a lot of brown.
New Posts  All Forums: