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Any other linen (or maybe madras) shirts coming?
Who's going to be the first in an overdyed denim suit?
Too bad there's none of those loafers in my size left.
Swung by the Manhattan store on Sunday and picked up the flax chinolino LBM 1911. Anyone had one of these altered? I think I might want to adjust the collar so it lays closer to my neck, and I'm wondering if altering one of these is any different.
Got news that work was sending me to New York this weekend. Guess that means I have to stop by the Manhattan store on Sunday. I'm hoping to check out some LBM 1911 jackets and probably a whole lot else. (Why is the weather still making me consider new gloves...in April?!)
I have a pair of the black scotch grain WWII boots - haven't seen much about these in this thread but I love them.
Margiela sweaters - how's the quality/durability?
Loafers can sometimes be fixed with a tongue pad to take up extra space.
Wonder if there's other colors of python available, and how those would look as a jumper boot. Might be pricy, though.
Has anyone purchased the driving gloves? Curious how the sizing worked out for you, and with what you wear them.
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