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Having a hard time deciding between the pitch black and midnight villain hoodies. I probably don't need both
Love the sneakers. Any chance of Epaulet doing a slip-on sneaker?
Thanks for the feedback, guys. My measurements would probably help: 5'11", 155 lb, 38-39" chest, 32" waist.
Thoughts on sizing? Both are with sides zipped. Will the fabric stretch a bit?
Love how the earth chamois looks grey - though I understand it's more brown and will wear in that way.
Ordered the Old School Tartan...really like that tartan flannel, but winter will be ending when it arrives.
Yay or nay?
Any plans for slip on sneakers too?
I like this shoe and the navy suede version. How do you guys wear these? Could they still work in an office setting?
Hadn't even thought of using them for black tie - good point, although the need doesn't come up often for me. Might check these out the next time I'm in NYC.
New Posts  All Forums: