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You can just send Luxire the shirt and they'll replicate the measurements exactly.
Thanks guys, pulled the trigger.
Could the following fabric (linen) be successfully used as a sportcoat (ignoring grey sportcoat hate) or is it too suit-y? (it's from a suit, but I really want to wear the jacket separately)  
this thread deserves a bump.   I dunno about weaves, but all mine are at least vaguely textured but semi-solid so yeah.   spring/summer:   navy linen/cotton herringbone  denim-blue linen/wool  air-force blue pure linen light grey cotton cream pure linen grey-blue linen/silk light brown linen/silk    fall/winter:   navy wool cashmere herringbone mid-dark blue wool that's probably faux tweed dark brown wool that's also probably faux tweed light grey...
This thread is directed at sport coat, sans tie, and is certainly not directed at the more senior members of the forum, and I'll probably catch hell for it, but whatever. Many of the same principles apply to a suit and white shirt sans tie, but that isn't my focus here. It's intended to show that a white shirt can be properly utilized as an every day go to, contrary to much thinking here, given certain considerations are taken and principles adhered, and a casual context....
One man's shit is another man's treasure, as the saying goes. Let's toss it up to personal preference, shall we?  
I've tried using a slide clasp on the narrow end of the tie to keep my tie in place; the main issue is I can't stand in swinging around much. OCD kinda thing. I could try that again I suppose.    I do wear too many grenadines, and have switched over to wool and cashmere for the fall/winter; however, I've yet to build a collection of cotton or linen ties for spring/summer wear. Going to work on that next season.    The monochrome jacket and (solid) tie look is something...
FWIW, today at work I'm wearing a pale blue and navy tattersall with soft unfused button down collar, slate blue grenadine and tan linen SC. Still with the much hated half-windsor and clip, though.
PB, if you weren't a member I highly respected - which you are - I'd ignore that or tell you to fuck yourself. But since that isn't the case, I'm quite intrigued as to what you have to say. EDUCATE ME
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